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Feb 9, 2007 11:58 AM

BEST BBQ in Manhattan?

I'm searching for the finest, old style, comfort bbq food in NYC?

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  1. R.U.B on 23rd just west of 7th.

    You will get a lot of posts for this question. (Also, you should check past posts.)

    Consider the following criteria as you decide:
    1. Cheap or expensive? (Blue Smoke is expensive)
    2. Conveniently located? (Daisy Mae sit-down is far away, their street carts offer no seating, of course; Dino is in Harlem, a bit of a hike from midtown)
    3. Tourist/chain like? Some of the places, though good tasting, fell like Applebee's (Dallas)

    At R.U.B., don't forget the authentic sweet tea and the fried oreos.

    1. BTW, you can probably find an extensive thread on this topic under The Best of....

      1. Just went to Shady Jake's across from the SW corner of MSG last night. Pretty dang good, and we're from the South. I recommend the brisket, but you won't go wrong with the pulled pork. The sauces are great as are the baked beans and sweet potato fries. The potato salad was too mayo-y for my taste though.

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          1. Pulled pork from the Hog Pit in the meat packing district. They serve it on metal plates and it tastes amazingly good!