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Feb 9, 2007 11:53 AM

Sen5es for dessert/drinks

Hello... sorry if this topic is redundant but I didn't want to hijack another thread. My girlfriend is having her birthday on the 15th in Feb and since it is close to valentines day I would like to take her to some place nice for after dinner drinks and desserts (because we know chocolates is a girl's best friend.. or was it diamonds..)...

So seeing that a great chef has returned from Hong Kong to Sen5es, do you think I should take her to Sen5es or Canoe or Perigee? Keep in mind I would like a spectacular time and not just a boring creme brulee! Thanks hounds.

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  1. I vote for Perigee. It is really an outstanding experience, and not just "boring creme brulee". Ask for a table overlooking the kitchen.

    Canoe never disappoints and I'm curious about the new chef at Sen5es, but I think for a special birthday celebration, Perigee is your best bet!


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      Where is this place "Perigee"? Would love to check it out!..Tks

      1. Yes Perigee...they have some of the BEST desserts in the city....get their dessert tasting menu ;)