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Sen5es for dessert/drinks

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Hello... sorry if this topic is redundant but I didn't want to hijack another thread. My girlfriend is having her birthday on the 15th in Feb and since it is close to valentines day I would like to take her to some place nice for after dinner drinks and desserts (because we know chocolates is a girl's best friend.. or was it diamonds..)...

So seeing that a great chef has returned from Hong Kong to Sen5es, do you think I should take her to Sen5es or Canoe or Perigee? Keep in mind I would like a spectacular time and not just a boring creme brulee! Thanks hounds.

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  1. I vote for Perigee. It is really an outstanding experience, and not just "boring creme brulee". Ask for a table overlooking the kitchen.

    Canoe never disappoints and I'm curious about the new chef at Sen5es, but I think for a special birthday celebration, Perigee is your best bet!


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      Where is this place "Perigee"? Would love to check it out!..Tks

    2. in the distillery district

      1. Yes Perigee...they have some of the BEST desserts in the city....get their dessert tasting menu ;)