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Feb 9, 2007 11:45 AM

Caren's Wine and Cheese bar

Has anyone been there and have some feedback? Looking for a nice relaxing place to take my wife before a movie at the Cumberland and saw they have fondue.

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  1. Also curious about that place but if you're in search of fondue I understand that Panorama has a cheese and chocolate fondue. They're right at the top of the manulife tower at Bay and Bloor and have has windows all through both sides of the restaurant for spectacular views.
    Beware it's somewhat of a gimmick restaurant so I can't vouch for the quality of the food...

    1. Can report on both Caren's and Panorama.

      First Panorama - cheese fondue is excellent, but the ambiance is less so, my one time experience, I found the restaurant drafty, and lacking any kind of social warmth.
      Caren's - while I have never had their fondue I have tried a bevy of other cheeses, tapas plates and all are spectucular - prefer upstairs rather than the courtyard (where people are allowed to smoke). Would recommend the wine and cheese pairings, wait staff really know their stuff.
      Cheers, TKC

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        I had the cheese fondue at Carens but it was a couple of years ago. I remeber that it was not at all authentic and was way too thick for proper dunking. It seemed like the cheese was just melted in a bowl set over a small candle. Disappointing.

        I loved Misto, but there closed a while ago. Considering the dearth of cheese fondue in TO, best to make it at home the really traditional way including a small dish of kirsch on the side.

      2. Went there this weekend; nice place, will go back. Music was at a good volume for talking, and the lights were perfectly dimmed. Tables were a bit close together for my liking though.

        Had the fondue, and was pleased--could taste the wine and kirsch. Best restaurant fondue I've had in Toronto.

        1. I really like this place for a glass of wine and some cheese. I've had the fondue and I thought it was very good, we let it sit for while till there was a nice hard layer of cheese on the bottom...good stuff. The service was good if a little slow but it's a very relaxed environment so it was fine. I would reccomend this establishment.