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Feb 9, 2007 11:26 AM

High End Poutine? What's Next?

It seems like alot of higher end restaurants are taking a spin on Poutine. What do you guys think will be the next craze? Have you seen anything interesting lately?
Just curious!

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  1. I like the chefs who do a new spin on comfort food, particularly in the winter months. You know: liver and onions, which is seared foie gras with an onion compote. Or Mac and Cheese, where it is the best cheeses and hand cut noodles........

    1. I'm hoping for Goan. Decadent seafood YES! Best of both worlds.

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      1. re: Googs

        There used to be a Goan retauarant in Mississauga called "Copper Kettle". There is now one in Scarborugh called "Goantak". Here is a recent review:

        I was in Goa just over a year ago and found some really great places to eat.

      2. You know- an innovative chef could take nachos and make them fairly interesting by changing the types of cheese and puting unusual toppings on different types of seafood or seasoned meat. For some reason I just got a craving for nachos with tandoori chicken and salmon.....

        1. The Irish Embassy makes an intersting poutine, Cheese and mayo not to bad but wouldn't call it poutine