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Feb 9, 2007 10:58 AM

Where do you do your grocery shopping in Baltimore??

I'm curious based on the DC thread.

When the under 83 market is open I do most of my shopping there and then get the rest at Shopper's on Fort Ave. Since the market closed I head up to Springfield Farms for meat/eggs/milk and sometimes stop at the Waverly market. And then when I need particular items, I end up at Whole Foods.

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  1. Wegman's when I can make the hike, both farmers' market when they're open, Wholefoods for cruelty-free meat, and, unfortunately, SFW in a pinch because its a stone's throw from my home.

    1. Where/what is Springfield Farms?
      As far as supermarkets go, I like SFW best for it's convenience and prices... and you don't have to use a "club card". Otherwise I try to get to the farmer's markets, Cross St. Market, Trinacria, H Mart. Trader Joe's is a special trip every six weeks or so. I'd go to TJ's and Wegman's more often if they were closer to Fed Hill.

      1. I wish there was a Trader Joe's downtown at all. I heard a rumor that there's one going in fells/canton somewhere, but very uncomfirmed.

        Springfield Farms is a farm in Sparks (exit 24 off 83), so it's about 30-40 minutes out of the city. It has fantastic meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc) that is all free-pastured. Seriously the best meat I've ever had. Pretty expensive, but worth it for the quality and for their animal practices.

        They also have amazing eggs, I even got duck eggs last week. And they have Trickling Springs dairy products, including a whole bunch of kinds of ice cream and butter and cream, besides the milk.

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          Agreed on Springfield Farms. Good Thanksgiving turkeys too. I noticed both local Whole Foods are now selling Springfield eggs, loose, in the produce section.

          Lately I've been loving Ikan seafood in Belvedere Square. Better quality and cheaper than WF or Eddies. And while I'm there I usually pick up veggies from the . . .veggie guy. (Can't think of the name.)

          1. re: Darin

            the veggie guy in Belvedere is Planet Produce, and he gives great advice about how long each item will last, and cooking tips

            1. re: Darin

              It's good to hear that Belvedere Square has a good seafood place again. When I lived on that side of town years ago Faidley's had a stand there, but at one point Belvedere Square pretty much went down the tubes. It's no longer convenient to me, but I'm glad to hear of its resurgence.

              My favorite place for fish nowadays is the fish stand at Broadway Market (north building). Unlike Safeway and Whole Foods where most of the fish were already filleted who knows how long ago, the fish at Broadway are whole, and don't get cleaned/filleted until you buy them.

              1. re: Darin

                Testify! I cross-shopped frozen Brazilian lobster tails between Ikan and Eddie's. Ikan- $12.99 each. Eddie's- $26.99 each. I drove back to Belvedere Square, to say the least.

                And Steve at Planet Produce is quickly becoming my favorite. I blew the place off for so long, since it looked like the selection was poor. Once I stopped letting the recipe drive the shopping and let the freshness of the produce drive the recipe, my view of that place has totally changed. And he gives great advice.....

                like blood oranges in the salad, for instance. ;-)

            2. I do most my shopping at H-mart in Catonsville. About 20min from the city, great prices & selection

              1. We go to many places depending on what we need.

                The new Shopper's on Eastern is great for produce and staples. 15 limes for $2? My family is into limeade so that is a staple.

                Wegman's. Worth the drive up 83. My family loves the place. My son loves weighing his own groceries. Learns a lot about numbers and produce while shopping.

                DiPasquales. Best fresh pizza dough, You can make better pizza at home for 1/4 of the price.

                Safeway on Boston in a pinch. Hate it. Hate it. But close.

                Cross Street Market.

                TJ's in Pikesville for very specific items.