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Feb 9, 2007 10:48 AM

4 days/4 nights in DC

Coming in at the end of March and would like suggestions for lunch that are around the tourist sights, specifically the Smithsonian Air & Space, the Capitol, the Phillips Collection and the National Gallery and the Mall.

For dinner, we'd like places that have great wine lists and are moderately priced (ok, maybe one really good one in addition to going to IALW for the 5th night). We'd love to get up to Georgetown one night, maybe Dupont Circle another.....

Was thinking of places for dinner like Jaleo, Johnny's Half Shell, Gerard's Place, Firefly, Belga Cafe..what about La Chaumiere for the Georgetown area? Or Pesce?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've never had a disappointing meal at Pesce. For such a tiny kitchen, it puts out the most amazing food. The wine list is interesting but not amazing. I love that you choose your food from a portable blackboard and not a printed menu. The combination of casual ambience and fine food I think is unique for DC, where you usually get one or the other. The down side is that it does not take reservations, which is generally not a big problem on a week night. Another suggestion in the Dupont area is Obelisk, practically right across the street from Pesce. They have a pris fixe menu (65 bucks, I think) of really fine Italian food.

    1. I'd go from DuPont to Dino, but you all knew I was going to suggest that. For Firefly that would depend on when you are there- if you are there before the end of February, good, if not maybe bad- they are about to change chefs.