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Feb 9, 2007 10:26 AM

HELP! Just moved DOWNTOWN...Croissants??

Hi Hounds,

Just relocated downtown... very happy... am looking for the best place to buy croissants, especially chocolate ones (pain au chocolat).

Many thanks!!

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  1. Frances Bakery. Hands down. The chocolate and the plain ones. To try them fresh out of the oven and at their peak, be there at 8:30 AM with the regulars.

    Frances Bakery
    404 E. Second Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    (Located in Little Tokyo's Honda Plaza)

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      1. re: weebie

        Weebie: I finally made it over to Frances Bakery today. They only had one chocolate croissant left... so I snagged it. Thanks for the rec.

      2. It has been a few years since I was downtown, but we used to get pastries from a place in the bottom of the Wells Fargo Building, across from Nick & Stef's...sorry the name escapes me now. I used to get the chocolate ones and they were tasty.

        1. Thanks to you both! Where is the Wells Fargo Building?

          1. Wells Fargo is 333 South Grand. I thought it was just a Ms. Field's Cookies in that building. Haven't been there in a while. Personally, I've given up on bakeries in LA. Too hard to locate, I'm just used to having good bakeries in every neighborhood.

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            1. re: gtring

              Yeah, that's Mrs. Field's, esp if it was a few years ago.
              The Wells Fargo Center is on Bunker Hill, it takes up the block between Grand and Hope, at 3rd st. They're the two copper colored triangular-ish shaped buildings. It's those buildings where if you look at them from a certain angle, they look 2 dimensional instead of 3D.

              oh, also, I did enjoy those Mrs. Fields choc croissants a lot when I worked there.

            2. Hmm. It wasn't Mrs. Beasleys when I was there, but maybe it has changed. It was on the Hope side of the street. I think there are a row of shops, including a FedEx there. But, maybe Mrs. Beasleys is a good option as well!