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Feb 9, 2007 10:07 AM

America Seafood (?) - N. Arlington

I picked up my mom on Wed from National and was heading back out west but wanted to stop and get something for a late lunch for both of us.

We ended up near Crisp and Juicy thinking of that, but saw the place in the back parking lot (had seen it, but had forgotten about it) and decided to try it.

I wanted to love the place so much. Reminded me of some shops closer to the shore or down rt 5, like Thompson's seafood corner. The guy who seemed to be the owner was extremely nice, they had soups in pots that you could dip from for carry-out (to warm up at home), a great looking selection of raw seafood and some prepared dishes. We were there for the sandwiches.

I got a crab cake and mom got a shrimp po boy. Mine wasn't awful, but so far below expectations after walking in and surveying everything (at that point I was wondering how I hadn't seen it on this board before).

On the crab cake itself, it was mostly meat - little filler at all, but it was slightly overcooked and there was a sort of breading that was too thick to let the crab shine through. Just somehow beyond that even it just wasn't there.

Did I get an off-day or -sandwich? What are others thoughts?

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  1. I have often purchased seafood there to cook at home and have never been dissapointed. I like to support the local fish monger lest we be left with only Whole Foods as our vendor. I have never thought to have one of their cooked sandwiches, however. Probably because they do not have a lot of space to sit down and eat.

    1. I have been a fan of their fried fish sandwiches for a long time. My favorite is fried grouper, but I sometimes get an oyster po boy. That said, the last time I had a fried grouper (about a month ago), it was far from previous quality. I've been hesitant to get one since.

      1. Speaking of grouper, have you seen this?

        Apparently in Florida they have been having a problem with "fake groupers."

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          Yea, I did see that, and I was wondering if that was the problem.