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Places to eat near the Burbank airport

Are there any good places that would be friendly towards 1) a person that can not eat cheese 2) another person that can not eat shellfish and melon?

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  1. McCormick and Schmick's on Olive
    Bistro Provence on N. Pass

    1. I like Dino's Pizza which I believe has some cheeseless pizza and sandwich offerings.


      1. Daily Grill accross the street from the airport next to Marriott Hotel.

        1. How about any more NON-chain restaurants?

          1. The Burbank food scene has been the topic for the last week here:
            Porto's is very good if you like Cuban food (Magnolia & Hollywood Way)

            1. Porto's just down the street on Hollywood Blvd. AMAZING Cuban style sandwiches, and whatnot. Just ask for no cheese.

              1. That's Hollywood Way and the corner of Magnolia.

                Portos Bakery
                3614 W Magnolia Blvd
                Burbank, CA 91505
                (818) 846-9100

                1. Is Hugo's too far? They're pretty accomodating...

                  1. I have not eaten there but I have been told by many people that the Ramp - right on Hollywood Way near the 5 Fwy ramp - does great steak and lobster and has a good bar.

                    Market City Cafe (near Media Ctr. - have to look up address) has a lovely patio and a great antipasto bar.

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                      As a Ramp partisan, yes great streak - FOR THE PRICE. Great hamburger at any price, but especially for less than 6 bucks. Never heard about the lobster.