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Feb 9, 2007 09:55 AM

Nobu - Malibu - A little help?

Hi There - Moved from the Pacific NW about 16 months ago and have promised GF I would take her to Nobu Malibu at some point while we are living here. We went to the one in Las Vegas and loved it. Has anyone been to the one in Malibu recently and would you care to comment on the omakase there? In looking at their menu online it looks like they have $80/$100/$120 options. I think we would opt for the $100, but any input is helpful in deciding.

Also, we have never done omakase... been meaning to for a very long time, but maybe we get a bit intimidated when we get to a restaurant. Do you need to call ahead and let them know? Do you just inform the host/hostess? Are some days better than others? Times? I assume it's pronounced "oh-ma-ka-say" and if I am wrong please correct me!

Does this particular restaurant offer both hot and cold food with their omakase?

Now I know a lot of people are going to say we should go elsewhere (Kiriko, Sushi-Zo, etc). I just want to say that her heart is set on going to Nobu so unless there is a MAJOR reason not to go just assume we will be heading there.... just wanted to throw that out there from the onset.

As always, thanks for your help in advance!

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  1. I've never done the omakase at Nobu but I'm sure it's wonderful. Though I've recently been swept off my feet by Sushi Zo and I'm also a new fan of Kiriko, Nobu is and probably always will be one of my favorite restaurants. If you have the money to burn on a great dining experience once in a while, then I don't think you could go seriously wrong burning it there.

    If you or your GF are the type that like to stargaze, you might request sitting at the far right end of the sushi bar, so you're somewhat facing the dining room. Otherwise your back will be to it.

    I've never noticed a difference between going during the week or on the weekend. It seems to be bustling any night of the week.

    Doing an omakase at any restaurant, don't be afraid to say what you like and don't like before he starts. A good sushi chef will always try to please his customer. That being said, whenever I eat something I don't like, I just smile and take mental note to steer away from it in the future.

    Your pronunciation is correct. I don't know whether theirs includes hot food or just sushi. Their hot food is also outstanding, and if it's not included you may want to consider going a la carte and doing an omakase at a "strictly sushi" place like Sushi Zo or Sasabune.

    Be sure to make a reservation asap. When you do, it wouldn't hurt to mention that you'll be getting an omakase. The sushi chefs and staff generally tend to treat their omakase customers better.

    I'd recommend the molten chocolate cake bento box for dessert.


    1. We had omakase a little while back at Nobu. We chose the more expensive one, because it was an anniversary and we were feeling totally indulgent. :)

      I must say, it was a good meal, but it wasn't the best omakase or tasting menu that I've ever had. That said, the ambience was nice and the service was great, and it's fun for star-spotting, so if you're set on it, then why not?

      You might not want to order omakase if you have a late reservation, because the meal does tend to take a while.

      From what I remember at Nobu, you're asked for a little bit input when you place your order...are there any menu items you're dying to try? Anything you definitely don't want? And they go from there. You don't need to call ahead at all, and yes, it's pronounced the way you spelled it. :)

      The Nobu omakase that we had started with some cold items (salad, sashimi, etc.) and then moved on to warm dishes, followed by dessert. Let me add here that omakase as we had it at Nobu was more like a tasting menu, and less like a traditional omakase at the sushi bar.

      Hope that was helpful!! Have a great meal. :)

      1. I had the 120 omakase at Nobu a few years ago and it was excellent. There was both hot and cold dishes -- my favorite of which was Kobe beef on Udon noodles. I can't remember what the rest of the dishes were, but I remember it all being quite good. I will have to disagree with chowmom however, you should definitely get the chocolate spring rolls for dessert. Actually, better yet, order both!

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          My recommendation is to really get the dessert platter which features every one of the desserts on the menu. It's bit gluttonous, but you're at Nobu!
          I personally like the hazelnut cookie layered with ice cream.

        2. i like the 100 level b/c kobe isn't my favorite. they do jazz up the 100 more than the 80. don't compare Zo to Nobu; although i like the former they are 2 different beasts. nobu isn't a great sushi place, Zo is. but nobu cooks well.