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What foods would we find in your workspace???

I have a goody drawer of snacks for when I can't leave my desk; instant miso soup (red and white), microwaveable popcorn, a can of organic minestrone soup, Lipton Cream of Chicken instant soup packets and wasabi rice crackers from Whole Foods.

Hmmm...I'm sensing a theme- salt!

my four yer-old nephew,George, calls popcorn "cop-porn" and I think that's amazing.

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  1. I'm not a big snacker. Just a little chocolate for an after-lunch treat.

    1. Right now... Lightly salted almonds, raisins, Rosemary Triscuits, Kashi bars and oolong tea.

      1. Once upon a time, when I did seasonal data entry work, I usually kept a resealable bag of dried fruit in my drawer all the time for a quick pick-me-up as needed. Each day, in addition to my salad or sandwich for lunch, I'd also take a few sticks of string cheese, an individual bottle of juice (orange, grapefruit, cranberry, grape, apple), a large cup-with-lid-and-straw of diet soda, and sometimes a few cookies.

        I also kept a decorative tin filled with wrapped sugar-free candies on my desk for anyone to take. My favs were Russell Stover sugar-free root beer and butterscotch. Several others kept tins of M&Ms, Hershey's Kisses, mini Dove or other little candy bars, and assorted other wrapped and unwrapped treats.

        On a work table toward the front of our unit, there was always a large container of red "licorice" whips, assorted individual bags of chips, sometimes small wrapped chocolates, hot coffee, and two-liter bottles of assorted soda in both regular and sugar-free varieties. Those who grazed from the community table chipped into the cash box to replenish the supply as needed. Either the manager or the one of the workers would periodically take the cash to a Sam's Club or Costco to restock the grazing table.

        In addition, several times a week, this or that employee would also put a supply of cookies (freshly made or packaged), fresh fruit (strawberries and cut melons wee popular), cake, brownies, or whatever on the grazing table.

        This group of folks always found any excuse for a party so they had potluck dinners about three times each month. While several made homemade items to bring (casseroles, deviled eggs, cole slaw, potato salad, cookies, cakes, brownies, pies), many others stopped on their way to work to pick up their potluck items. Fried chicken, pizza, grocery store platters of cheeses and/or fresh fruit, chips, crackers, dips, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, cakes, cookies, and pies were always popular from groceries and fast food joints/restaurants.

        Depending on the season, there were anywhere from 12 to 35 workers on that unit. They were flat out the eating-est crew I ever worked with!


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          Too funny, KCJ! I was reading your post (before I realized it was you) and I thought "Man, she must be from Kansas City." Sure enough....it was you. Sounds exactly like my work place - it's hell on a diet.

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            i think i need to move there! sounds so fun!!!

        2. Right now, I'm stocked up with sugar-free Reese's, 100 calorie Ritz packs, dry roasted peanuts, and granola bars.

          1. I try to eat every three hours or so, so i have a jar of cashew butter, almonds, fruit that i bring at the start of the week that can sit on my desk, like apples or clentines, dried apricots, a jar of whey prtein powder, green tea, water and in the fridge low fat string cheese.

            1. Working with a bunch of food freaks, we share office goodies almost daily. As such, the only things in my drawer are condiments. However, being the control freak I am, it's a wide variety: Soy sauce, sriracha, rice wine vinegar, salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard (yellow & brown). I've found with this little arsenal even bland things like nasty store-bought potato salad can be delicious (stir in rice vinegar, brown mustard & pepper - delish!)

              1. Dark chocolate. Also I have a homemade banana chocolate muffin and a sandwich bag containing cherry tomatoes and cucumber chunks. My theme seems to be chocolate heavy! I also have different teas (& coffee for the mornings).
                George is cool!! :)

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                  Could you post your muffin recipe?

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                    Sure, I'll post in in Home Cooking this weekend.

                2. always some dried fruit, currently prunes and raisins so i don't seek out dessert, always unsalted roasted almonds and fresh fruit. honey for herbal tea, which doubles as dessert sometimes. sometimes i have a cereal (right now raisin bran), soup, yogurt in the fridge and tons of condiments....

                  1. Dried gooseberries from Trader joe's. Some soups (partial to lentil and butternut squash but it rotates). Green tea. Honey to put on top of yogurt. And a box of cereal.

                    I always try to bring in fresh fruit and a yogurt for a morning or afternoon snack, regardless of whether or not I'm buying or bringing lunch.

                    Chocolate is too dangerous for me to keep at work- I'd much rather be eating it than working and I fear I'd indulge all the time.

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                      I haven't tried the dried or fresh gooseberries- are they sweet or tart?

                    2. I just finished my last bag of almonds/apricots/raisins/cashews! Must stock up the desk!

                      1. Marcona almonds in my desk at the office I rarely visit. My main desk and m,ost used is right in my kitchen so it is all there.

                        1. I always kept a supply of soups, Condiments, peanut butter, crackers, and of course M&M peanuts.

                          1. Miso soup, an aseptic box of "rich tomato and onion vegetable curry with rice, and oyster crackers.

                            1. pink bismuth, tums, and excedrin. Sensing a theme here?

                              1. Clove gum
                                dried fruit mix
                                apple juice boxes
                                fig newtons

                                1. When I was a working type, I kept a stock of 'soup for one' cans and a box of crackers in my desk, with a bag of individual chocolates for nibbling (I tried to restrict myself to one a day but often failed miserably!)

                                  1. peanut butter malt balls from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. I no longer fall asleep at my desk.

                                    1. We have a greengrocer 5 minutes away, so I stock up on baby carrots, grapes, cherry tomatoes and salad ingredients.

                                      I have salad dressing (Newman's Own Lighten Up! Sesame Ginger), miso paste, 100-calorie packs of popcorn or Kettle corn, English breakfast tea, 8th Continent light soymilk and lots of diet Pepsi.

                                      1. Whole Foods creamy peanut butter
                                        Trader Joe's jalapeno sauce

                                        1. Long Long ago in a far away land, I used to never leave my office. So to make sure that I always had something to eat, I kept a cabinet strictly for my food/microwaving purposes.I had bags and bags of Thai curry soup mix, srping onion and chicken boullion. Cream of Wheat, ketchup and soy packets, and Skittles.

                                          1. Make sure to support your friendly vending machine companies !

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                                              Is there anything edible in vending machines?

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                                                  Apparently, for most there is as this is a multibillion dollar industry. Today, there is items ranging from candy to organic items to appeal to all consumers. Who doesn't like a bag of chips and an iced cold soda every now and then ??

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                                                    Clearly our office vending machines are sub-par. All we have are those gigantic soggy pre-wrapped muffins and ham sandwiches, plus little cans of Yoohoo and tapioca pudding.

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                                                      Yeah, that's the stuff that gives the vending companies a bad rap !

                                              1. hmmm... I have roasted lightly salted almonds... packs of instant Cup O' Soup, instant grits, spaghettios, organic microwave popcorn...water crackers

                                                1. I did a survey of my desk last year -- it was kinda scary: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/301855

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                                                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                                    Wow. I missed that thread. Scary. I guess I would have to include a first aid kit. Some xanax, a deck of cards and some poker chips. A battery run boom-box?

                                                  2. Kashi bars, dried fruit, trail mix, whole wheat crackers and hummus in the fridge!

                                                    1. In my desk:

                                                      a cup of instant WF Corn Chowder w/Tomato Soup
                                                      Ritz crackers and peanut butter
                                                      several Trader Joe's "A Fig Walks Into A Bar" bars (or Apple bars) and
                                                      a ziplock baggie mixture that includes TJ's Oriental rice crackers, Simply Sweet Trail Mix (has dried cranberries and white choc. chips in it), and 50% less salt whole almonds and cashews.

                                                      In the fridge - a small Total yogurt with honey.

                                                      1. i have:

                                                        2 boxes of Triscuit - original
                                                        1 bag of Starburst- tropical flavor
                                                        1 bag of Sunsweet dried mango
                                                        1 jar of Strawberry jam
                                                        1 jar of Skippy creamy peanut butter
                                                        1 bag of mini bagel chips - garlic
                                                        1 Campbell's soup-to-go - chicken and mini noodles
                                                        3 cases of soda - pepsi and sprite
                                                        1 jar of pickles - crunchy kind
                                                        3 cases of mini bottles of water

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                                                          You have all that in your DESK or in your general workspace area? (Trying to figure out how 3 cases of soda and 3 cases of water can fit in a desk. <g>)

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                                                            the 3 cases of soda and 3 cases of water are not on my desk. everything else is on my desk. though, if i tried, i could probably stack the soda and water on my desk as my desk is very very long, with plenty of room for junk food =)

                                                        2. In my workplace, everyone comes to my office for snacks. Witnesses have actually seen my boss rummaging in my desk/ surrounding areas, so I have to be wise.

                                                          On the windowsill where everyone can see them I have cinnamon bears, half a chocolate orange, and mint cookies. Hidden in my desk, I have salted almonds and apricots. I let everyone else eat the sugary stuff and keep the healthier (and more expensive) things for myself, but if I suddenly have an unhealthy craving it's there also. Best of both worlds.

                                                          1. I work alone at my place of business. I have a full sized refrigerator, microwave and toaster oven. In the freezer, I have English muffins frozen and an Amy's black bean burrito. In the frig I have two jars of jam, butter, light sour cream, water, Diet Coke, grated cheddar cheese, salsa, various salad dressings, a box of Godiva truffles and some natural peanut butter. Non-refrigerated I have Jif (which I prefer to the natural stuff), Tabasco, salt and pepper, honey and Nutella.

                                                            1. Alas, lately nothing other than bottles of good olive oil and balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper grinders. We have a mouse issue since the floor below us starting doing construction work. They're the only things I'm sure the critters can't get into. They ate through every single item in my drawer while I was on sick leave the other month and nobody thought to clean it up (my boss knew about it too!). Left it for me to deal with. Blah.

                                                              1. Instant oatmeal, Emergen-C, ramen noodle cups, several boxes of teas, instant Mac n cheese and about 100 of those little salt and pepper carryout packets, Campbells Soup at Hand (tomato)...which I'm about to heat up right now.

                                                                1. We don't keep food in the offices because we have an occasional problem with mice. But in the kitchen there's an abundance of hot cocoa mix, and I brought some cayenne pepper to mix into it. I'm only usually in the office about 4 hours a day, and we don't believe in being chained to the desk, so it's not usually a problem.

                                                                  1. at the non-office, I have (actually, more like leave for others):

                                                                    Meiji dark chocolate squares (72% and 85%; they amuse me, Japanese chocolates do)
                                                                    Venchi pistachio cubigusto
                                                                    Ricola sugar-free echinacea/green tea and sugar-free cherry
                                                                    TJs smooth salted PB with added honey and cinnamon
                                                                    Trident apple/raspberry gum
                                                                    some other sugar-free mint gum
                                                                    a raw nut mix with yogurt chips, chocolate chips, and chocolate-covered raw almonds with added pieces of espresso chocolate (from another bar given to me by a co-worker who found it in a chocolate store in NY)
                                                                    a sweet-ish, salty, spiced (with cinnamon, salt, paprika, chili, black pepper, "pumpkin spice," and natural vanilla powders) roasted nut mix
                                                                    French truffles with added spices (cinnamon, paprika, and chili)
                                                                    Palais des Thes gout russe 7 agrumes (the black blend, of course)
                                                                    honey packets in the supply drawer

                                                                    they finally finished my Valentine gift yesterday: a somewhat failed (in my opinion) fudge-recipe turned truffle-- they were too sweet (as truffles, not as fudge) and wouldn't set properly (*sigh* always a problem I have with fudge, which is why I pretended they were to be truffles, but I probably should've left the Maker's out)

                                                                    In a nutshell, diabetics probably shouldn't be working with me. But I'd probably make allowances for that and come up with others things to take to work.

                                                                    And then there's my lunch...I actually prefer eating my lunch to any of the above, but that's just me. Actually, to be quite truthful (and don't tell this to any of my co-workers), but having sweets around keeps me FROM eating them.

                                                                    1. tropical green tea
                                                                      peppermint tea
                                                                      oats and flax instant oatmeal
                                                                      fiber one snack bars
                                                                      goldfish 100 calorie packs
                                                                      lorna doone shortbread cookies 100 calorie packs
                                                                      fiber one cereal
                                                                      dove dark chocolate almonds
                                                                      box of see's i got for valentine's day

                                                                      in the work fridge:

                                                                      chocolate milk
                                                                      naked smoothie
                                                                      potato salad
                                                                      morningstar veggie corn dogs
                                                                      cottage cheese
                                                                      pear cups
                                                                      frozen blueberries

                                                                      1. A few boxes of Trader Joe's Tuna in red curry panang sauce and a couple of indian punjab choley (chickpeas in a foil pouch), and my current pregnancy stash -- saltines, a small jar of skippy, some granny smith apples, some walnuts, Annie's microwaveable single serving mac and cheese, and a lot of tea.

                                                                        1. raw almonds
                                                                          a can of tuna, just in case

                                                                          1. I prefer to eat a good lunch but in the event I cannot, I will most likely have some slivered almonds, Dannon vanilla yogurt (the only yogurt I can stomach), and my weakness - reese's peanut butter cups from the vending machine - the 2 big round ones.

                                                                            1. Diet coke, I think of it as a work-related vice. Cliff oatmeal raisin bars and a package of sliced cheese for emergency meals(there's usually a bagel around here somewhere because they get served at meetings and I like bagels and provolone). When I think of it I leave some Fage Greek yogurt in the fridge. I like to keep some dried fruit in my desk. Today I brought in Trader Joe's "Nothing But Bananas . . . Flattened." I love bananas, but they always turn brown instantly if you leave the house with them. I've never figured out why, something about being in a car or a purse maybe? Anyway, we'll see how they work out.