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Feb 9, 2007 09:39 AM

What foods would we find in your workspace???

I have a goody drawer of snacks for when I can't leave my desk; instant miso soup (red and white), microwaveable popcorn, a can of organic minestrone soup, Lipton Cream of Chicken instant soup packets and wasabi rice crackers from Whole Foods.

Hmmm...I'm sensing a theme- salt!

my four yer-old nephew,George, calls popcorn "cop-porn" and I think that's amazing.

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  1. I'm not a big snacker. Just a little chocolate for an after-lunch treat.

    1. Right now... Lightly salted almonds, raisins, Rosemary Triscuits, Kashi bars and oolong tea.

      1. Once upon a time, when I did seasonal data entry work, I usually kept a resealable bag of dried fruit in my drawer all the time for a quick pick-me-up as needed. Each day, in addition to my salad or sandwich for lunch, I'd also take a few sticks of string cheese, an individual bottle of juice (orange, grapefruit, cranberry, grape, apple), a large cup-with-lid-and-straw of diet soda, and sometimes a few cookies.

        I also kept a decorative tin filled with wrapped sugar-free candies on my desk for anyone to take. My favs were Russell Stover sugar-free root beer and butterscotch. Several others kept tins of M&Ms, Hershey's Kisses, mini Dove or other little candy bars, and assorted other wrapped and unwrapped treats.

        On a work table toward the front of our unit, there was always a large container of red "licorice" whips, assorted individual bags of chips, sometimes small wrapped chocolates, hot coffee, and two-liter bottles of assorted soda in both regular and sugar-free varieties. Those who grazed from the community table chipped into the cash box to replenish the supply as needed. Either the manager or the one of the workers would periodically take the cash to a Sam's Club or Costco to restock the grazing table.

        In addition, several times a week, this or that employee would also put a supply of cookies (freshly made or packaged), fresh fruit (strawberries and cut melons wee popular), cake, brownies, or whatever on the grazing table.

        This group of folks always found any excuse for a party so they had potluck dinners about three times each month. While several made homemade items to bring (casseroles, deviled eggs, cole slaw, potato salad, cookies, cakes, brownies, pies), many others stopped on their way to work to pick up their potluck items. Fried chicken, pizza, grocery store platters of cheeses and/or fresh fruit, chips, crackers, dips, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, cakes, cookies, and pies were always popular from groceries and fast food joints/restaurants.

        Depending on the season, there were anywhere from 12 to 35 workers on that unit. They were flat out the eating-est crew I ever worked with!


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          Too funny, KCJ! I was reading your post (before I realized it was you) and I thought "Man, she must be from Kansas City." Sure was you. Sounds exactly like my work place - it's hell on a diet.

          1. re: Mushroom

            i think i need to move there! sounds so fun!!!

        2. Right now, I'm stocked up with sugar-free Reese's, 100 calorie Ritz packs, dry roasted peanuts, and granola bars.

          1. I try to eat every three hours or so, so i have a jar of cashew butter, almonds, fruit that i bring at the start of the week that can sit on my desk, like apples or clentines, dried apricots, a jar of whey prtein powder, green tea, water and in the fridge low fat string cheese.