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Feb 9, 2007 09:39 AM

Elegant/Formal dinner to impress a family

Hello! I will be traveling to DC in mid-March and wanted to take my girlfriend and her 11 and 15 year old to a nice restaurant that we can dress up for a little. I was hoping to impress them with a nice decor and excellent food with perhaps a few government officials lingering around. Anyway, if you know of a restaurant that would be appropriate for us, let me know, thanks.

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  1. You might see a familiar face or two at Bistro Bis (on Capitol Hill) or Aquarelle (at the Watergate Hotel). A number of Hill folks go to the Monocle at lunch but not too often at dinner. Most Goverment officials are nameless and faceless and few people would recognize them. Except for lunch at the Monocle, I would recommend simply going to a nice, moderately priced resturant and have fun with no expectation of recognizing anyone.

    1. During the week, some recognizable people in the media and government hang out at the Palm on 19th Street above M and, if you don't see them in person, there are the drawings on the wall. I think that Vidalia on M near 20th is elegant enough to take the kids and the people, even if you don't recognize them, dress well.

      1. I've run into a few at Viridian of all places.

        1. Great. These all sound good. I guess I am not that interested in seeing an actual government official, but more or less, great ambiance and some place where it looks impressive to a couple of teenagers.

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            also Old Ebbit Grill would work.

          2. 1789 in Georgetown is elegant and formal, the food is very good, and the wait staff will treat the 11 and 15-year-old well.

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              I second this one.

              We've always been happy with how elegantly and respectfully the people there treated our kids. The whole experience of 1789 would be terrific for an 11 and 15 year old, just right.

              Yep, a great suggestion, kcm19. A hearty second from this end.