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Feb 9, 2007 09:27 AM

safety of cookie dough

I sent my wife some cc cookie dough overnight but it got there in 2 days. Quel suprise.
It was frozen in a container before I sent it and she has refrozen it.
Safe or not safe to use?

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  1. if it has raw eggs in it, which it probably does, NOT

    1. I'd use it, I'd just not eat it raw.

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      1. For the most part bacteria can be killed by cooking, but some bacteria make special toxins that are insensitive to heat. For example staph aureus...around 25% of people are colonized with this on your skin, so if you touched the dough and you're a carrier, no amount of cooking will help you if it got above 40 degrees. If you do get sick it will be an overnight vomiting kind of thing nothing lethal but certainly unpleasant. As far as the eggs...eggs get a fairly bad rap, only 1 in 10,000 is contaminated with anything, for the most part they are sterile, still they are nice and nutritious and all of those bacteria from you skin(or even gloves) would love to grow in them.