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types of cheese for quiche

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Hi Everyone,

I'm planning to make a sun-dried tomato quiche this weekend. The recipe I have calls for goat cheese, but I do not eat goat cheese or any cheese with similar aroma/taste. Can anyone help me out please?

Thanks very much!


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  1. gruyere is pretty classic with quiche.

    1. Do you like parmesan? It would be a nice stronger flavor but not with that goat cheese taste. I too hate goat cheese.

      1. I don't like goat cheese either. I'm thinking about moisture content and that you may have to increase wet ingredients if you sub.a drier cheese. I use aged cheddar in my quiche. Maybe we could have a look at your recipe?

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          I don't have the recipe with me right now, but I'll certainly do so tonight. Thanks for your help.

        2. I think you're fine to substitute whatever cheese you like in the quiche -- if you think it will go with sundried tomatoes, use it!

          1. Asiago is nice with eggs IMO

            1. I use different cheese. Monterey, Fontina, Mozzerella, brie and and only about 1/2 cup of cheddar if I have it. I have found that the cheddars can get hard or oily when baked and so I use it sparingly. The flavored bries make a nice mix. But my all time favorite is Fontina, Monterey and Mozzerella. Try roasting some garlic in a little olive oil (or grill it) and then mince and include with the veggies. It will add a nice dimension to the quiche.. I have created a pretty good quiche recipe. I will make the pastry recipe as well, and then I use a nice deep springform pan and after cooking the quiche I then place it on a cake pedestal to show delicious pretty slices....

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                Care to share the quiche recipe you have created? Thanks. The springform pan you use, do you mean like the ones used for cakes? Never tried that, could be very good (more room for fillings!) I do make the pastry myself, so make a generous amount of dough I'd guess. (I usually use a pie pan or a tart pan.)

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                  Be happy to, let me go pull it... Yes a regular spring form pan, that I bring the pastry up the sides pretty high then fill with the egg mix, it comes out beautifully tall and you can see all the ingredients as you slice it. I have several variations: bacon and cheese, roasted vegetables, tomatoe, mushroom and leek. It's the same "quiche" recipe just different ingredients and the preparation. I LOVE quiche, so last summer I worked on it and worked on it, tested it and was offered to bake it for a coffee shop, which I have turned down, I might be doing my own thing so I didn't want to commit to them. Enough of that... By the way quiche and a beautiful salad with great pinot grigio make a beautimus light dinner!

                  Anyway I don't mind sharing this successful recipe with you at all.

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                    Sounds amazing! I love quiche as well; I agree with the dinner idea as you mentioned!
                    I'd love to hear more about your plans, as I find it fascinating! Thanks in advance for the recipes, I really appreciate that you're willing to share! Your combinations sound really good.

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                      QUICHE has always been one of my signature dishes. Favorite combination is roasted asparagus, country ham with green onions. I always try to use a combination of 2 or 3 cheeses. Gruyere, jack. and parmesan.
                      Another great combo is Italian sausage, roasted peppers and onions. I use a pepper jack cheese which gives it a nice 'kick."

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                        othervoice, I have fresh basil and a wonderful Italian sausage that I'm trying this combo over the weekend, I'd never thought of using Italian sausage. I do try the peppers, roasting them first on my cast iron grill. I think this one will be a favorite, and look beautiful when sliced. As you can tell I am very big on using the springform pan for the presentation aspect,
                        They always come out so pretty and tasty... oh I could go on an on, I just love quiche.

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                        I've even made my quiches lowfat using:
                        fat free half & half
                        Alpine lace swiss
                        The texture is a little different, but the taste is good and the calorie reduction is substantial.

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                        Pastry Dough for 1 Quiche
                        1 1/2 Cups King Arthus unbleached flour sifted
                        1/2 cup plus 2 T cubed ice cold butter
                        1/4 tsp salt (kosher)
                        1 tsp flour

                        In the processor using pulse:
                        Put in the butter, flour, and the salt until it resembles coarse meal
                        Add 1 egg mix until the dough comes together depending on the weather add a little cream or ice water. Pat and shape into a disk put into the fridge for 1 hour.
                        The recipe says bring it to room temp, I roll it out cold. Dough will keep for 1 day, after that toss.

                        1 1/2 Cup of Monterey, Fontina, or Swiss
                        1/2 Cup Mozzerella or Brie
                        1/4 Cup Cheddar or Colby
                        1 1/2 C Cream
                        1/2 C Milk -1% or whatever you have
                        1 tsp flour
                        prepare the dough and roll it into a 9 inch Quiche or Springform pan, bring the dough up the sides, careful not to tear the dough working quickly and press firmly into place. Do not grease the pan - put the pastry lined pan back into the fridge until your ready to use.

                        Prepare the veggies or meat prior to the pastry and then slice it getting it ready to layer as you pour the egg and sprinkle the cheeses..
                        3-4 slices Procuitto or Good Quality Ham or Bacon - cooked and fat drained
                        To grill I use a cast iron grill, or use a saute pan just go for carmelized
                        6 Asparagas Spears, Grilled use olive oil on all the veggies Fresh Spinach, Green Onions, grilled 3 cloves of garlic grilled and sliced or Leeks grilled, Criminis browned and quartered, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil. Use any combination you like, keeping the total veggies to about 1 cup, after being chopped into chunky pieces

                        Quiche batter
                        4 lg eggs beaten and the flour
                        1/4 tp ground fresh nutmeg
                        Salt and pepper to taste
                        Place foil around the bottom of the pan to ensure no leaking.
                        Mix the batter well with a whisk, then to the pastry in the pan, place the cheese and the veggies in layers and add the egg mix gradually, (don't fill to the top! It will riseand then reach the top when baking,) gently push the pan careful not to spill.
                        At 350 degrees in my gas oven, it took about 1 hour and 10 minutes, until the center of the quiche moves slightly when the pan is shaken, and the pastry is deep golden brown (cover the edge with foil if it becomes to brown) I would just keep a close eye, since all ovens cook differently.
                        Prior to removing the quiche from the oven I add about a quarter of a cup of colby or cheddar to the top for effect.
                        Once its cooled, undo the sping and remove the casing of the pan. place on a cake pedestal and slice warm pieces.

                        My favorite is the crimini browned mushrooms, grilled garlic, leeks, and bacon. Sort of an UpTown Quiche Lorraine.....Enjoy!!

                        1. re: chef chicklet

                          Thank you so much for this formula--I came across it yesterday--I had an organic leek, some chanterelles, some organic whole wheat pastry flour, excellent butter and bacon, some lovely cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery, & cream. I wanted a recipe for a Valentine's Day quiche. It came out perfectly. You are an angel!

                    2. Well, I'm certain the recipe calls for goat cheese because that pairs well with sun dried tomatoes. But you don't like goat cheese, so that's off the menu.

                      If you want to follow the rest of the recipe, what I'd do is substitute a 50/50 mix of cream cheese and parmesan, romano or some other dry cheese. That would give you about the same moisture content and a flavor base that would be sharp/creamy on the same level as the goat cheese without tasting like goat cheese.

                      1. What type of goat cheese does the recipe call for? If it's an aged one, there is not a whold lot of moisture present. Not all goat cheeses are soft!

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                          I don't have the recipe on hand at this moment. However I remembered it didn't specify types of goat cheese (whether it's aged or not). It did tell me to put slices of goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes on top of pastry.

                        2. I think aged asiago would be good with sun dried tomatoes.

                          Personally, I love smoked cheeses in quiche and frittata. My chef friend introduced me to the concept, he started doing it because his wife is vegetarian and he thought the smoky flavor added extra heartiness to the quiche that he used to add with bacon.

                            1. I'm with the poster that thinks almost any cheese would work. However, since you don't care for goat cheese, what about feta? It is more saltier than goat cheese and is a bit stronger in flavor (IMO) but that may be a good substitute.

                              1. Quick FYI....The recipe that I've given to the OP is a creamy egg version, and not at all tough. I like my quiche thick, and that is why I use the 9 inch springform pan.

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                                  Wow, cc, does that ever look good, I'll give it a try for sure! Sorry for the silly question, but I want to get it right: Are the cheeses supposed to be grated? (Brie=chopped?) Thanks, great instructions.

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                                    I just figured out how to update my profile mb, so can talk off line if you have more questions. You see, I do much better at the stove then at the compuer!
                                    Anyway to answer you question, cut the Brie into small pieces, as if you were handling cream cheese. And grate the rest of the cheeses. I have made my recipe many times I can't urge enough, do put the garlic in, it is really yummy!

                                2. Thanks to all those who have replied. I ended up mixing 1/2 mozzarella and 1/2 cheddar, and the taste was still fantastic! :)

                                  1. Try using Fetta Cheese. It blends well and taste great with Sun-dried Tomatoes. I like using Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Red Peppers, and Fetta Cheese for a medeterian Quiche.

                                    1. I made a quiche for dinner last night. I like to use Jarlsberg swiss cheese which gives a nutty flavor.

                                      1. Swiss and Muenster are a great combination in quiche