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Dessert Spot or Bakery Suggestions

Hey fellow 'hounders,
I would like to know where are some great spots for dessert (it can be a bakery that has seating also)? The location can be within the Villages, Union Square, Flatiron, and up to Curry Hill (where my friend lives). The other requirement is that it has to be toward the moderate-inexpensive side.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. (I've added some nearby Chelsea): Billy's, Amy's, Rocco's, Little Pie Company, City Bakery, Chocolate Bar, L'Arte Del Gelato, Cones

    1. I've see some negative posts about Veniero's (11th & 1st) but I have loved it since I was a kid. It is an Italian bakery with seating and they don't try to rush you out. I always stopped there after a 2nd Avenue Deli night (I know, it closed) even if I didn't have room for dessert.

      1. tisserie on union square. a one stop shop for all your bakery needs! dont miss it!!!!

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          What do you like there? I've tried the chocolate croissant and the little tiger eyes and didn't love either. Too heavy and buttery (IMO). But lots of people rave about the place so I'd like to try it again. I just need a little guidance.

        2. I think Veniero's is the best around. It;s a great price for the treats they have. It's extremely popular and their cannolli's are amazing.


          1. I love the little cookies with the red jelly, too. Mmmm... I think I'm going to have to make a pit stop on the way home!

            1. Caffe Dante in the west village for awesome espresso and italian desserts. Great napoleon!

              1. Halo Halo at Krystals.

                I heard the Quince Granita Parfait at Telepan is pretty good too. If you go late you can just go for dessert.

                1. My favorite is Milk & Cookies. You can make a dessert out of their cookies alone (which are amazing) but when they have brownies, ginger/pumpkin bars, homemade oreos, and brownies, things get even more interesting. It's also about the most quaint little village spot you can find. I can't recommend this place enough.

                  1. patisserie claude on w4th. divine.

                    1. I concur with the Veniero's and Patisserie Claude recs for cheap to inexpensive desserts. I can also add the St. Alp's Bubble Tea place on 3rd Ave. @ 9th St. if you are into bubble tea at all and the Japanese Bakeries Panya and Cafe Zaiya in the EV.

                      Venieros: NY, Italian Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake, Supreme Cake, Pignoli Cookies

                      Patisserie Claude: Eclairs (coffee), tarts, palmier's

                      St. Alp's - Taro Bubble Tea/ cold, toast with condensed milk/butter (Taiwanese dessert)

                      Panya - Strawberry Shortcake, Chestnut mousse, Green tea cakes, Red bean stuffs

                      Cafe Zaiya - Baked Red bean doughnuts, Strawberry Shortcake (Japanese desserts in general are lighter than American) and smalled sized too...so, you can try a few to see what you'll like.

                      For cookies, you can try the organic outpost of City Bakery in the East Village (no seats). It's located on the West Side of 1st Ave. bet. 13th and 14th St.

                      1. Have you been to Cha-an (9th St, 2nd and 3rd Ave)? No baked goods but fantastic japanese style desserts and selection of teas..