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Feb 9, 2007 09:14 AM

HORRIFIC Service from The Lobster Place

Today was my first time ordering from the lobster place. I bought the clambake for 2 and was offered free delivery. I cleared my entire morning and early afternoon for the 10am - 12pm window delivery time. 3.5 hours later, still no delivery. I called to complain politely and was told by the manager, "We'll give you a gift card, but there's nothing else I can tell you." I am shocked by the horrific service and will NEVER order from this place again.

Has anyone else experienced this bad customer service? To pay so much money and be told to wait almost 4 hours for a delivery is atrocious.

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  1. Geez, that's bad, alright. I've had good experiences with them, overall, and the one time I received less-than-stellar fish, they were very gracious about it and replaced it w/o any fuss whatsoever....sorry to learn that yours was a difficult experience.

    BTW, was it the Bleecker St. or the Chelsea Market location from which you ordered?

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      Chelsea Market. I didn't realize there was another location, I'm new at this. Which location did you order from?

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        Chelsea Market, too....they opened a Bleecker St. location about two years ago, or the same corridor as Murray's and Faicco's and Amy's Bread.

        I shop at Lobster Place an average of four times per month, and have had only one less-than-stellar experience, but then I'm not typically ordering a clambake for two, either. Given the other choices in the neighborhood, they're the best of the bunch...Whole Foods is too limited and too pricey for what I think is rather lackluster fish; ditto with Garden of Eden.

        One alternative might be to go up Ninth Avenue to Central Fish Market, on 39th, which has very reasonable prices, but I think their quality isn't as good as is Lobster Place.

    2. Hm, I find the lobster place to always have great service, with perhaps the only problem being a language barrier or seeming cluelessness from younger guys working the fish counter. However, I have never had anything delivered so maybe they aren't good at that.

      I think their fish is best and freshest because they seem to supply a lot of restaurants. Garden of Eden is NOT fresh most of the time and whole foods, while they have some good bargains on in-season fish...I still think lobster place is fresher and better for the higher-end stuff (like sushi-quality).

      1. We've also never had a problem with The Lobster Place-- neither in-store nor for delivery. We've only ever ordered one of the clambakes (as a gift sent directly to someone), so I have no first-hand experience of the delivery of that item. Other stuff has been great--even a big delivery of fish and lobster for a party we had last year.

        I'd call the manager back to investigage what went wrong. It pays to play nice with fishmongers, so use a softly-softly approach.



        1. Thanks all. I just opened up the clambake and it really looks very nice. We'll see how it goes...I may just give them another chance after all.

          1. The Lobster Place on Bleecker is generally accepted by locals as the biggest mistake and ripoff on "the new Bleecker Street". The prices are comical. Given the lack of patronage by most locals, the fish is not anywhere near as tempting (fresh) as that at Citarella. I was told the business they do at other stores helps keep the one on Bleecker, which does way less, on its feet, but it doesn't keep the fish any fresher. When they have loster at the fish monger in Union Sq. (Sat. & Wed.), THAT'S the place to buy. Delores and her crew from Riverhead usually fished the stock out the day before.