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Feb 9, 2007 09:12 AM

Tucson & Sedona - Suggestions

Heading to both Tucson and Sedona in a month or so and are looking for restaurant suggestions. We prefer casual - places where we can wear jeans, shorts, khakis. We eat any kind of cuisine, but would love a good mexican restaurant suggestion or 2.
Breakfast - we're eggs/toast kind of folk. Something quick and good.
Lunch - again, any cuisine. Burgers, pizza, mexican, etc.
Dinner - see above. Any good brewpubs in either town?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Tucson is a largely casual town. With the exception of the resort restaurants, a few places in the foothills, and Rendezvous, you can get in with jeans or khaki's and usually shorts, with no problem.

    There are about a dozen recent threads on Mexican places in Tucson due to the Gem Show, so I'll just offer one can't miss it highlight there: Cafe Poca Cosa.

    For breakfast, it really depends where in town you are, but look for: Lavernas, Franks, Wags, Poco & Moms, Millie's Pancake House (haus?).

    For Lunch: Pat's Chili Dogs, Sherri's drive in (both good local fast-food); Tino's Pizza, Z's Pizza (unless it's Zachary's again... who can keep up?), Beyond Bread, Bison Witches, Blue Willow

    For dinner: Feast, Barrio Grill, J-Bar, Bistro Zin, Jonathons Cork, Tavolino... No really good brewpubs.

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      Janos Wilder is one of the most talented chefs anywhere, much less Tucson. He has a fine dining place and a more casual wine bar side by side out near the Westin La Paloma. I wouldn't miss a chance to dine there, if I could help it!

      Cafe Terra Cotta is another favorite....

    2. Thanks! We are staying by the Tucson Mall if that helps.

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        Vivace, Vivace, Vivace!

        Campbell & River, 3 min from Tuc Mall. Best food in town, Italian anyway. Look for my earlier comments, and for earlier suggestions.

        Cheers -- Pete Tillman

      2. I second Vivace (and Janos Wilder)!!!

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