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I need to get my hands on the best red velvet cake made in the Los Angeles metropolitan area for my girlfriend's birthday in a few weeks. I want it to be the most amazing thing she's ever tasted and be enough to feed 6 people. Thanks x 1 million!!!

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  1. Bluebird Cafe in Culver City: http://www.bluebirdcafela.com/
    I've tried most of their cakes, and they are all absolutely delicious! The Red Velvet is a standout and they are "famous" for it. Moist, light, perfect cream cheese frosting. If you have time to do a taste test, they make red velvet cupcakes.

    1. Highly recommend Buttercake on Pico Blvd., it is phenomenal. Cream cheese frosting, and typically when order it you receive it warm.

      1. Doughboys on 3rd has a pretty amazing red velvet cake. Not sure if they sell an entire cake though - check it out.

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          These all sound great! My girlfriend is a big fan of the Doughboys red velvet cake, but alas they don't sell an entire cake!

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            Bluebird is calling out to her... :)

            1. re: slacker

              Actually, I think it's calling out to *me*, since my girlfriend's birthday is ALSO in a few weeks, and I pretty much never leave Culver City anymore....It's WAY too much effort for me to schlep up to Third Street these days (and I can't deal with that "scene" anymore....)

              Thanks for the Bluebird tip :)

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                I can't deal with pretty much the whole westside. :) It's not possible to just pop in anywhere because it would require circling for an hour looking for a parking space and by that time I feel so harrassed I don't feel like popping in anywhere anymore. Culver City, however, is a great little town.
                And big fat food grosses me out, so by definition Doughboys grosses me out.

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                  i tried the cupcake at bake n broil for the first time last week and it was great! went back the next day for more.

                  the red velvet bundts at Kiss My Bundt is also awesome! lots of yummy frosting

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              That's odd because I ate a Doughboys red velvet cake at a friend's house about 6 months ago. Unless I am the victim of some red velvet conspiracy, I swear the box was from Doughboys and the cake was certainly good enough to be from Doughboys.

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              Highly recommend the red velvet from Doughboys, dense, rich, and moist. I want one right now just thinking about it. And yes they do whole cakes, I've had one before.

            4. Coldstone Creamery makes an awesome ice cream variation of Red Velvet Cake called Strawberry Passion

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                I had this two year's ago...not knowing it was a red velvet cake that was used...it was so delicious!

              2. Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock also has great red velvet - try one of the cupcakes first to see if it's to your liking. Decorations on their full cakes tend to be spare though - usually looking slightly better than a home made cake - but really good none the less.

                1. I had a slice of red velvet cake at Toast. Since it was a slice of cake, they probably have a whole cake that you could buy.

                  Toast's red velvet is delicious. The cream cheese frosting is generously applied on the outside and between the two layers of chocolate cake. The cake itself is moist and tender. I found Doughboy's cake to be strangely crumbly.

                  Toast Bakery Cafe
                  8221 W Third St (Cross Street: Harper Avenue)
                  Los Angeles, CA 90048-4302

                  1. I like Doughboy's red velvet cake as well as red velvet cupcake by Sprikles. My husband LOVES red velvet cake - his preference for his birthday cake - and he picked Doughboy's.

                    1. After reading this thread last night I started craving Doughboy's so I took my son there for brunch this morning. I brought a slice of the red velvet cake home to try it (never had it before) and

                      Oh. My. God.

                      Granted I have nothing to compare it to but I'd have to say that this is one of the best desserts ever, esp. if you're a chocolate cupcake fan (that's what it tastes like to me.)

                      I saw a woman walk out with a whole red velvet cake, btw.

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                        Doughboys is the best!! Hands down. Real cream cheese frosting. They do sell cakes and not only slices. I'm ordering one next week for the bf's b-day.
                        1/4 Sheet
                        1/2 Sheet
                        Full Sheet
                        Red Velvet Cake

                      2. I'd second the Auntie Em's recommendation! Excellent!

                        1. There is a homemade red velvet cake cooling on my kitchen counter right now. It's for my son's birthday. I've not been to Doughboys, so I can't compare, but I hope this one's good. I just got the recipe from Epicurious.com.
                          Good luck for your girlfriend's birthday.

                          1. I just noticed that Al Gelato is also serving red velvet cake.

                            1. I've had various Red Velvets from Sprinkles, Doughboys, Bluebird Bakery, and Auntie Em's. Though they have all been good the best I've ever, ever, EVER had was one that I made from a recipe from this famous NY Baker called Cakeman Raven. I think you can google him and find his website which has the recipe. He makes if with oil instead of butter which makes it moist and amazing! If you can't make it your self, i recommend Sprinkles for Cupcakes and Auntie Em's, they may have whole Red Velvet Cakes I think.

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                                Cakeman Raven's recipe on his site is not the exact same as what he sells at the bakery in Brooklyn. It's a close approximation, but if you want to achieve his level of awesomeness, it may take some good old trial and error experimentation until you get it right. http://www.cakemanraven.com/

                                You could also do a red velvet cupcake tasting menu, starting with Sprinkles and Toast. Those are the only two I can recommend, but if you gave your girlfriend and friends a selection, it could make for a fun -- and totally decadent -- taste test.

                                Enjoy! www.infinitefress.blogspot.com

                              2. If you can make a short trip to Long Beach the best most moist red velvet with sinful cream cheese frosting is at Bake & Broil on Atlantic.

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                                  amen to that. and if you get the cupcakes, the cake/frosting ratio becomes absolutely decadent.

                                  1. re: FED

                                    Okay I'm so going there tonight now. Thanks a lot FED!

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                                        I'm sad I didn't make it. But if anything is a ringing endorsement, my mom has been in the hospital for a month and said the first thing she wants when she gets out is Bake & Broil Red Velvet Cake. She's still debating if she wants a slice or the whole cake. :)

                                2. give her the whole cake. but call in advance. i DID make it last night and they were out of red velvet! and chocolate with buttercream! and carrot! had to "make do" with a nice slice of cherry pie and vanilla ice cream.

                                  1. I wanted to follow-up and thank everyone for the multitude of suggestions. Also, I stand corrected as Doughboys DOES offer a whole cake ($35). And that's what I wound up getting. My girlfriend loved it!!! In any case, I now have the list of the red velvet cake suggestions in my car so if I'm near any of them, I can make a quick stop.

                                    1. The Cobbler Lady on Crenshaw, go try a piece!
                                      The Cobbler Lady
                                      3854 Crenshaw Blvd.
                                      Los Angeles, CA 90008-1821
                                      Phone: 323-298-2144

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                                        I second The Cobbler Lady. I had better luck with their red velvet cupcakes than the cake slice I got (slice was more dry but it may have been on the tail end of selling what probably once was a delicoious cake).

                                      2. I'm partial to the frosting at Toast but the cake at Doughboys. It all depends on how long the cake has been sitting out and thr turnover at Doughboys is pretty good, although haven't tried it at the newly re-opened. Buttercake also makes a tremendous version of a red velvet cake. All of these are very good choices in my opinion.

                                        My co-worker swears by Jamaica's on Pico in WLA. Anybody ever have this and how does it compare to some of the other suggestions?

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                                          Maybe I just went on a bad day, but the cake I got from Jamaica's after hearing raves was pretty meh. My favorite is the one at Susiecakes.

                                          1. re: mollyomormon

                                            Not just you. Also disappointed with Jamaica's red velvet.

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                                                Too bad I might still give it a try since it's close to home. Although not necessarily a cake I would also give Cake Monkey a try. It's not a traditinal red velvet cake but they make a sinfully addicting red velvet ding dong. It was absolutely delicious. I know they make a single size serving of the ding dong in cake form but I've never tried it.

                                            1. Toast's Red Velvet is amazing. I've also had a great piece from Lark in Silverlake. I am not, however, a fan of Auntie Em's RVC. Flourescent red, dense, too sweet of frosting...C'mon! I wasnt to taste cream cheese!!

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                                                I love Lark... I had their red velvet last weekend, it was moist and great frosting.

                                              2. I'd suggest avoiding Porto's red velvet cake. While their other desserts/pastries are usually phenomenal, I found their red velvet to be a little dense, lacking flavor and having too much cream cheese frosting.

                                                1. http://gourmet-otg.com/index-gotg.htm

                                                  Gourmet To Go on Sepulveda and Magnolia in Sherman Oaks. Best Red Velvet Cake I've ever had. Cream cheese frosting and the cake is super moist!

                                                  1. Wife likes Red Velvet with buttercream instead of cream cheese, so we go to Big Sugar Bakeshop in Studio City. With the cream cheese icing, best I've had is probably Aunt Joy's Cakes in Burbank.

                                                    1. My favorite:

                                                      Sweet & Savory in San Marino
                                                      Nothing Bundt Cakes in Santa Monica
                                                      La Provence in Brentwood

                                                      La Provence Patisserie
                                                      11677 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

                                                      Sweet & Savory
                                                      2142 Huntington Dr, San Marino, CA 91108

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                                                        I'm updating my favorite to Doughboys now that I've tried it. It's simply amazing!

                                                      2. I am new to the board and I know that this is an old discussion. I, too, did not understand the excitement of the red velvet cake that is until I tried the one made by the 27th Street Bakery on Crenshaw Blvd. Just south od MLK blvd. One tast and I got it. Also the best home made style pecan pie in LA

                                                        27th Street Bakery
                                                        2700 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA

                                                        1. My vote is for Doughboys or Auntie Em's

                                                          1. I've never met a Red Velvet Cake I didn't like (well, maybe Ralph's). OTOH, my wife is quite the opposite: VERY finicky and not wild about most Red Velvet cakes. However we both agree that Costco's is one of the best tasting we've had. Plus (as I've just found out), they WILL personalize their Red Velvet cakes. Otherwise I think Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock is the other way to go.

                                                            Although hopefully you're still not looking for a cake after 4 years.