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Feb 9, 2007 09:08 AM

dinner recs in DC

Hey folks,

SF CH'ers coming to DC end of April, any current recommendations? We're open to whatever although we'd probably not be too interested in Mexican or Chinese as we have plenty of each in SF. Something more akin to local specialties would be be preferred: seafood, southern cuisine, italian, bbq for example tho not limited to those.

We've been to Jaleo, Kincaid's, Zaytinya and McCormick/Schmick so we're familiar with them at least.

One more thing: we won't be with a car so something within walking distance of the Metro also preferred.


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  1. I'd say that you should make sure to have Ethiopian at least once, and recommend Etete or Dukem. If you like Italian, and like wine, go to Dino, one block from the Cleveland Park METRO. Unfortunately the best BBQ is in the Burbs (I prefer Urban BBQ in Rockville) although only about 3 blocks from the METRO (Twinbrook)

    1. Virtually every single thing in DC is close to a metro or cabable. If you are in town for the weekend I highly suggest getting a metro weekend pass. It's clean, it's easy to use, and it's cheap (the metro that is).

      If I were introducing someone from out of town to what DC has to offer I'd take them to Dukem for ethiopian, Dino for Italian, and Vidalia for american with a distinct southern flair.