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Philly Chinese Baked goods/Pastries

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This is my first post on any Chowhound board and I have a few questions regarding the Chinese bakery options in the Philadelphia chinatown. I don't live that far outside the city (near Pottstown) so I theoretically could go in to the city any time, but it is not very convenient. However, I will be doing some work for a friend in the Yardley area, and plan to take the R3 into the city at some point.
That said, I am a lover of good Chinese food, particularly both sweet and savory, steamed and baked pastries/buns (along with good Austrian and Italian food, but that is a different subject) I plan on stopping by the Greenland tea house for a breakfast of congee, but I want to stop at some of the other bakeries and get a nice assortment.
It appears as though the KC's are the most popular and widely publicized, but perhaps the Mayflower and St. Honore bakeries would be the best choice for quality. Between Mayflower and Honore, which one might have the edge in terms of interesting selection and quality, or should I stop in at both? (steamed offerings are always a plus for me)

Finally, I would love to get a big assortment to take back, but I can't possibly eat them all immediately. Any hints on storage/freezing/refrigeration that will allow them to be at least palatable for a few days, although not ideal. The more perishable fillings probably will be devoured quickly!
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I like the buns at Greenland Tea House on N. 9th St. They have a wide selection of buns here including the very good Mexico bun (which seems to be similar to a snow mountain bun at other places nearby), the decent Swiss roll, and the peanut butter coconut bun, all of which are very inexpensive and filling.

    1. Thanks for the note, I will be stopping at Greenland anyway, so I will be sure to check out the bun offerings there, but I recall someone saying that perhaps they were sub-par compared to some of the other shops. Just thought I should do my bun shopping at St Honore or Mayflower.