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scotch in beantown

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what restaurant/bar in the boston area has the best selection of single malt scotches?

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  1. The Oak Bar is at the Fairmont Copley Plaza. They do a nice job with cocktails, can't comment on the scotch tho.

    1. Not the best, but if you want something a bit more laid back and low-key than the upscale steakhouses (which are definitely good choices), there is The Last Hurrah at the Omni Parker House. I've had many a scotch there!

      1. Luxury hotel bars are the obvious answer. A few I know that have good single-malt selections include the Bar at the Taj (the old Ritz-Carlton), Rowes Wharf Bar at the Boston Harbor Hotel, and the Bristol at the Four Seasons. If you like cigars, Stanza dei Sigari in the North End is a cigar parlor with a decent selection.

        1. Strangely enough, Turner Fisheries has an excellent selection.

          1. Rialto has very high-end selections.

            1. I wouldn't eat much there, but if you're looking for old-school, I think Doyle's in JP has a pretty extensive selection of single-malts.

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                Indeed they do! The food isn't bad as long as you know what you're getting, very traditional un-fancy New England Irish. Can be quite tasty. (I havent' been there in years, but I doubt it's changed much.)

              2. The Capital Grille on Newbury Street has a great selection of single malts for your sipping pleasure.

                1. thanks to everyone for the great ideas. maybe i will try them all! (on different nights!)