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Feb 9, 2007 08:41 AM


I love eggs benedict. Period. I've had it at plenty of places - and while it seems like there's not much to it - there is. A perfect english muffin and how it is toasted or grilled, eggs that are poached correctly, the appropriate lemony-scented and seasoned hollandaise sauce, the ham or canadian bacon - how much, how thin sliced etc.....all are components to one of my favorite breakfast foods. Let me know where you've been so I don't get stuck in a rut at the same places..I live in St Paul -willing to travel.

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  1. This post is for the [MSP] area.

    Have you tried the Bison Benedict @ Hell's Kitchen? I am not a fan of benedict in general, but this is a good one. It has a tangerine jalapeno hollandaise that is very good.

    My wife loves the benedict @ the Spring Street Tavern as well.

    1. I love the eggs benedict at Zumbro cafe. Their hollandaise is so light you don't feel guilty pouring it on. It's also on french bread instead of an English muffin which is a nice change.

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        I have to agree with snoboardbabe77 here on the preference for a perfectly toasted english muffin. I love Zumbro and have ordered their eggs benedict a zillion times, but the toasted french bread just seems a little to crunchy in comparison to the soft poached egg and hollandaise. Not that this has stopped me from getting it. :)

      2. Bon Vie on Selby Avenue across from Zanders. Perfect eggs benedict.

        1. I'm a big eggs benedict fan... great thread!

          Does anyone know if Yum! does an eggs benedict? I have to admit that I would love to try one if it was on one of their very-good-looking homemade English muffins.

          1. I'll tell you where not to get a good eggs benedict. Unless they have improved. I ordered eggs benedict at Patrick's in Wayzata. It was terrible. The yolk was totally well done. Completely ruined it! Maybe they were having an off day.

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              I haven't been to Patrick's in Wayzata, but I've been to the one on Lyndale at Bachman's and I think the pastries are what they do best. You can enjoy your pastry at one of the tables in the greenhouse and pretend spring has come early. Bummer about the eggs benedict.