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Feb 9, 2007 08:36 AM

Rock and Brown shrimp near Deerfield Beach?

I'll be around Deerfield Beach next week--I've been checking out Dixie Crossing but won't have time to make that drive. Any advice on great rock shrimp and the big brown shrimp like they have at Dixie Crossing but closer to where I'll be? Everybody there talks about the royal red shrimp but they evidently won't be in season by the time I leave (Feb 21st)...
Thanks, RSchwim

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  1. Give Whales Rib a try. Rock Shrimp covered in Old Bay. They now come pre-split which I'm not a fan of. Also recommend the Key West Pastrami sanwich and "Whale Fries" (fresh cut and fried potato chips). Seafood is very fresh there, staff can be quirky and entertaining. Very busy during season rush hours. It's a very casual kind of hole in the wall that would be dominated by locals if not for the all the tourists that get recommendations to go there.

    It's on the main beach commercial area, on A1A a half block from the fishing peer. Take Hillsboro Blvd East until it ends on A1A, go north on A1A and park in garage.