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Feb 9, 2007 08:13 AM

Triangle Wine List

I just found this forum and think it is very cool.

There does'nt seem to be much talk about restaurant wine lists, though. Which restaurants do you think have the best wine list in the triangle? Not necessarily the biggest lists, but the ones with the most well chosen wines.

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  1. IMHO, in no particular order...
    Jujube-- really eclectic, super reasonable, and lots of stuff for the geeks out there--not exclusively german and white, which is nice in an asian place
    Elaine's-- good breadth for its size. Well chosen glass pours, the occasional hidden gem, and a couple of bottles with some age on them. Good champagne and dessert list, too.
    Lantern--Excellent German/Alsatian/Austrian selections. Some off the beaten path varietals, and again, hidden gems.
    Rue Cler-- All one importer, but they picked a good one. Appropriate for a good bistro, which Rue Cler certainly is.
    Saffron-- Surprisingly good for an Indian restaurant in this area, if not exactly anticipatory of the demographic it serves.
    Bin 54-- a big one, and definitely steakhouse style, but some great offerings in those categories.
    Bonne Soiree--Tina Vaughn has definitely got more wine back there then is on her list. Ask her to be your guide, and she'll undoubtedly spring something cool on you.
    Pazzo--Safely chosen, but there's not a bottle on there that won't complement the food well.
    Four Square-- If it's a small, cult-y producer, chances are it's on there. Pricey, but it's got some great stuff.
    Irregardless Cafe--Well priced and broad.
    Enoteca Vin--the dude owns Carolina Wine Company. 'nuff said.
    J. Betski's-- all German and Austrian, at least last time I looked. Lots of stuff by the quartino (or whatever equivalent word it is in German)

    There are lots more, but those are my highlights.

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    1. The new Herron's at the Umstead in Cary has a great wine list

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        I went to heron's tonight and was not impressed with their wine list. It is big and there are certainly lots of blockbusters but there didn't seem to be a lot of thought involved.
        p.s. the food was un-inspired but tastey and the service was distant but accurate.

        1. re: nync

          any other reactions to local recs? just curious for my own need for affirmation and such... *grin* ps, i had the same impression of heron's wine list/menu upon perusal online. haven't been to confirm said impressions yet. not really wanting to.

          1. re: HeelsSoxHound

            I like your list but think it can be expanded in two ways:
            1. Who besides Elaine's offers a good selection by the glass - I'm not the only hound who likes a glass of this with the starter and a glass of that with the entree
            2. You covered chowish joints well, but what about places with mediocre food and good wine lists, e.g. Lucky 32 in Cary - well chosen, BARGAIN priced, >90% available by the glass.

      2. The best list in the city is The Angus Barn, hands down!!

        1. This a fun thread even for a non-cork dork like me. OK, tablewines, you've stepped up to the mike with what you don't like with acerbic alacrity. Now how 'bout telling us where you think the best wine lists are in the Triangle...

          1. I have always found wonderful wines by the glass at The Grape in Cameron Village. They also specialize in appetizers to accompany their wine.