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Feb 9, 2007 08:00 AM

Lunar New Year menus?

I'm Chinese American, grew up in San Francisco going to these sort of banquets, but not sure where to go for the same here. I want to get a group of friends together to experience the foods that are meant to bring you wealth, health and prosperity for the new year. Anyone know which Chinatown restaurants are serving traditional, banquet-style menus for Lunar New Year? Looking for authentic menus, not the ones that just throw together a fixed price menu of their regular dishes. Thanks!

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  1. You should totally go to Flushing. Most restaurants have special dishes they make only for NYs, you have to read chinese though - they're all usually written in Chinese and posted on the walls.

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      Thanks for the recco for Flushing. Unfortunately, that would pose a challenge, as everyone I'm gathering would be coming from Brooklyn and lower Manhattan, so I doubt they'd want to do the trek (it's actually quite a long journey from where I live). Also, an added challenge would be that I don't read (or speak) Chinese, so I would have no idea what was going on.

      Are there really no good options in Manhattan Chinatown? Are there no 2nd/3rd generation Chinese folks here who know what I'm looking for and can recommend a place that won't look down on me for not speaking the language?

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        this may a bit too late, but congee village does have special lunar new year's menus that range from the typical (at about $25/pp, pretty regular dishes) to real special new years' menus (more exp, around $45-50/pp) w/ authentic, interesting dishes, although i dont think they're as appealing to the "western" palate-- pig ear, jellyfish, etc. the only menus i've seen are in mandarin that they faxed over to us, but i think they may have english translations on the bottom.
        i'm 2nd gen chinese american and always feel funny not speaking the language well enough at chinese restaurants-- although i've found most of the servers at congee village speak cantonese anyway so my paltry mandarin doesn't help so much. i dont think they'll look down on you for speaking english or requesting an english menu; at least i've not had any bad experiences. good luck!