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Feb 9, 2007 07:46 AM

Looking for takeout in St. Louis Park, Edina, Ridgedale, Eden Prairies areas in Minneapolis.

Today my daughter in St. Louis Park is bringing takeout to us in Chanhassen. Do you have suggestions for any of the above except Indian or Italian? Many thanks.

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  1. If you like good Jewish deli-style food, I recommend Pastrami Jack's in Eden Prairie. Its on Shady Oak Road, just south of Hwy 62/Crosstown. Their sandwiches are HUGE, soups homemade, and cookies yummy!

      1. Thanh Do @ Minnetonka Blvd & Utah Ave in the heart of SLP...Cranberry Curry, Papaya Salad, Beef With Lemongrass, Chow Fun Tofu, Spring Rolls are all great carry out options (actuall...there are 1/2 dozen Asian carry-out places closer to our house, but we drive 10 minutes out of the way to pick up from here.

        1. What about YUM! Kitchen & Bakery in St. Louis Park? A good choice for takeout soup and salad.

          1. Thanks, hounds, for all your suggestions. By the time I connected with my daughter, she had decided to do takeout from Chanhassen's vietnamese restaurant (can't remember the name). I thot it was so-so and wouldn't order from there again unless a particular entree came highly recommended.

            Next day we had lunch at McCoys in SLP. My reuben was good. Her fish from fish and chips was satisfactory. However, the chips part were just ordinary fries.

            On my next visit I will be better prepared and would like to try some of your suggestions like Thanh Do, YUM Kitchen & Bakery and Origami at Ridgedale.

            I was at Pastrami Jacks shortly after it opened. I know my husband would like it so I'm hoping for a return visit. Are you sure it's in Eden Prairie?

            I found out later Uptown would not have been too far out of the way. So next time we'll add that to our list.

            Appreciated your help.


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              I always thought that Pastrami Jack's was in Hopkins-right-next-to-Eden-Prairie, but their web site says they're in Minnetonka. There must be a long, narrow peninsula of Mtonka that extends down between Eden Prairie and Hopkins.

              Anyway, Pastrami Jack's is on Shady Oak Road just SW of where 62 and 212 come together.