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Which restaurant serves sweetbreads?

Have searched google fruitlessly for restaurants in the Boston area serving sweetbreads! I tried a Chowhound search as well, but all of the posts are old/outdated so that the restaurant's menu has been changed by now. Am willing to drive 30 minutes outside of Boston also to find the darned sweetbreads...but am too lazy to cook them myself. Thanks so much!

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  1. A lot of restaurants - especially French - either have them on the regular menu, or as frequent specials. Eastern Standard, Les Zygomates, Aujourd'hui, Locke Ober, Petite Robert are just a few that come to mind off the top of my head.

    1. Look for the "BRAINS" sign! Yeah, you have to go French for them, almost always, although I do find Malaysian and Korean cuisine are big into "nonstandard" body parts, including brains. Probably would have to be a Malaysian sit-down place, not a buffet!

      P.S. "come to mind off the top of my head" Brilliant!

      P.P.S. Aren't you afraid of "mad cow" or similar diseases? The chance of contracting them from eating brains appears to be much higher than eating other body parts.

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        Sweetbreads aren't brains. They are thymus glands. Yum. The best I've had in Boston were at No 9 Park.


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          sweetbreads are not brains. they are the thymus gland. i don't think in this country with products from reputable/reliable providers that you have to worry about diseases such as Mad Cow, at least i don't.

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            Veal sweetbreads are actually pancreas or thymus, not brains...

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              Thanks. I DO know they're thymus glands, but that doesn't pun-up as well.

            2. The best I've had were in an appetizer at Sage. They're not on the current menu, though.

              1. sibling rivalry and hammersley's sometimes have them too.

                1. I've had them at Troquet. Locke-Ober does them in a pastry crust.

                  1. Call Il Capriccio in Waltham. They had them as a special 2 Fridays ago, see when they plan again.

                    1. Toro has them as well.

                      1. I'd be very surprised if Lydia Shire doesn't have them on her menus. She always makes delicious sweetbreads!

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                          Yeah, they have them at Locke Ober.

                        2. Tango in Arlington serves sweetbreads it is always on the menue.

                          1. Had them at Radius last weekend with a coddled egg on top. Quite good.

                            1. Wow what a response! Thanks so much...I knew I could depend on the collective CH expertise!

                              1. My wife loves then and had them twice at Petit Robert in Kenmore. Once they were great, once overdone and partially burnt. Typical PRB - great on their good days, but not every day is good.

                                1. I had them in a rabbit stew at Salts in December. They were delicious :)

                                  1. Aujourd'hui had them fried and paired with a sharp and tart cortland apple puree. Excellent.

                                    1. I just googled sweetbreads and found this post at the top of the list. I was just in Boston last week and while I was there I got to have sweetbreads on the tasting menu at Great Bay on Commonwealth. I ordered the tasting menu. The sweetbreads were by far the best course, it was a bit disappointing otherwise. The final savory course was duck in a concord grape reduction. It was not savory at all and the duck was tough. I'd get the sweetbreads again any day. I don't know if they always have them, but they were served with perfectly cooked quail eggs. It was rich and endulgent. The butterscotch pudding was the best dessert of all but the chocolate banana bread was also nice. I recommend the Cucumber Cosmopolitan and The Slippery Mermaid sangria for drinks.