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Feb 9, 2007 07:19 AM

Little Owl - Short Review

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I had reservations at little owl last night and wanted to thank you for the recommendations and here are my overall thoughts. This is actually my first "official review" so i hope you all enjoy.

First of all, what a cute place. Love the west village and love the intimate (read small) restaurant. We found the service to be very good. Not perfect but very good. A bit rushed at times but overall the servers knew what they were talking about and were friendly.
We loved the food. I started with the bibb salad with beets. As "passe" as beets are these days, the salad was very good. My partner took all of your advice and ate the sliders. Of course i had to taste them and we both felt that they were just a bit dry but again, overall enjoyable.
Our entrees were delicious. I usually dont get pork chops in restaurants becuase they are usually dry as a brick, but taking your recommendations, i tried it and loved it. Very moist. My partner had the crispy chicken and we both actually loved it. I never get chicken in restaurants (i think im a bit more adventurous than that) but the word "crispy" always gets me. It was perfectly cooked (moist) and the chard and sherry were great together. The bacoon torta was another thing. We both didnt care for it. Very oily but good flavor.
We only got one dessert...the rasperry donuts. I loved them. I actually asked for one scoop of ice cream to go along with it. The nutella, vanilla ice cream, rasperry and fried "love" were delicious together. A culinary marvel it wasnt but it sure was delicious.

Overall, I will be back...many times.

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  1. Nice review- I'm wondering if it was packed when you were there?

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      It was pretty much full while we were there. I was facing the kitchen so i wasnt sure what was going on behind me all night. Also, they dont have too many seats so it doesnt take too many people to fill the restaurant.

    2. I concur. I am visiting from Los Angeles and had a wonderful meal at Little Owl last night. Great service and good grub. Started with the boquerones salad - I could have had seconds. The pork chop was all that. I wonder how they get the flavor to permeate through all that thickness, and the dandelion greens underneath were a perfect foil. I found myself fool heartedly trying to consume the juices from the bottom of my plate with my fork to no avail. The beingets were more like mini jelly filled donuts, but one order for three with the Nutella was just enough to end the meal. BIg ups to the team for this one. Loved the cozy space and vibe throughout.