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Feb 9, 2007 07:13 AM

West end Italian rec for family function

Hi - I am planning a family function for between 25-30 in late May. It has to be Italian, preferably in the west end of Toronto. I would love a private room, but realize that this may be unlikely.

There is the a mixture of adults and kids so it can't be too formal/stuffy.

Pinocchio's is booked and I'm checking out ViBo (both Royal York/Kingsway area). I would really appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks, Rosie

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  1. Vibo for sure. If you can afford it...then Via Allegro.

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      I agree, Via Allegro is superb. It is expensive but worth it. They have some pastas and excellent wood-burning oven pizzas for the kids. Adults will love their beef, veal and fresh fish dishes. They have one of the best wine programs in the world, also an amazing selection of grappas and scotch.

      The private dining room is beautiful, too.

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      1. I third ViBo. If you can't make that happen another place I like that borders Mississauga is Alexandria's on Eglinton just past Renforth which is great food and very large so you can occupy a whole section which gives it a private feel

        1. I realize it is a long time since you posted, but you mentioned you didn't want formal or stuffy yet you still considered Pinocchio's. That place is like a hushed funeral home and I wouldn't think many kids would like it.

          1. Big Poppas on bloor at royal york. Or Roccos Plum Tomato