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Feb 9, 2007 06:48 AM

Muse in Calgary?

Does anyone have thoughts on Muse in Kensington? We got a recommendation from my sister who really loved the intimate atmosphere and the attentive service. I'm wondering about the quality of the food though. Typically we like to go to places like Brava Bistro, Mercato, Rouge ... Is Muse going to compare, or let us down?

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  1. Jigga:

    IMHO MUSE compares favourably and you likely will not find yourself let down.

    I had a very good meal there during one visit to Calgary. Eclectic interesting multi-level "physical" set up. Very friendly service. I was dining alone and a number of people dropped by to inquire how I was doing. Pleasant without being intrusive nor obsequious.

    Chef Cam was very well respected when he was up here in Edmonton working with Larry Stewart at Hardware Grill.

    MUSE along with Capo, Divino Wine and Cheese and River Cafe are usually the spots I recommend when asked where to eat in Calgary.

    1. Muse is one the best, most inventive restos in the city. The "lasagna" w/ lobster and gratin potatoes is outstanding and reminiscent of that evil evil lobster poutine at Brava. In fact, although they occupy very different physical spaces, I would say that Muse and Brava are very similar, in a good (very good) way.

      You'll love it. Good desserts too. And great service, on par with Muse or Capo.

      1. I really like the Muse as well. My favourite dish is the "Green tea marinated duck breast, zucchini & potato rösti, sauteed cantaloupe, blackberry cassis jus", although if they offer lamb striploin or sea bass, don't turn it down! Ambience is great, and service has always been good for us.

        Definitely try dessert as well - the Chocolate Tart with Panna Cotta is amazing, especially the Panna Cotta, but I also like the creme brulee.

        Not sure if they still have it as an appetizer, but the truffled popcorn was pretty cool...

        1. They've got an amazing brussels sprout (YES, BRUSSELS SPROUT) appie on the menu right now. Absolutely addictive!!

          1. Thanks for all the feedback - we went to Muse on Saturday evening and weren't disappointed. The food was excellent - creative, well-prepared, and very flavourful. The service was friendly, unobtrusive, and efficient. I will definitely go back again.