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Feb 9, 2007 06:47 AM

Who buys organic food here?

I am looking for people to share resources some organic food consumers.

In the summer it is easy to find all the organic and/or local food that you want, but the winter seems more difficult.

I can easily find organic food from California and other faraway places this time of year, and I can find some local/regional vegetables that are not organic at JT andAtwater markets, like potatoes,beets, carrots, cabbage, hydroponic Ontario tomatoes, sprouts, etc, etc.

The difficult thing has been to locate vegetables that are both organic AND local/regional.

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  1. Hi sh, I shop at Frenco a lot & lately they've been carrying organic vegetables, all local. Yesterday they had organic spaghetti squash & butternut right at the front of the store. They also have potatoes, turnips, rutabaga etc all organic & local (plus other veggies, these are just the ones I'm interested in mostly). Frenco is at 3985 St. Laurent. 514-285-1319

    1. I'm not sure if they're local, but there is a store with a selection of organic apples (bagged though) and a tiny selection of other produce (I couldn't remember what) at Atwater. That's
      the store on the outside strip, somewhere between the two major fruit/produce stands.

      There's also a small selection of produce, mostly greens, at A Votre Sante on Sherbrooke near Victoria. The way they lack packaging, I'm guessing they might be local.

      Yes, it's hard to support both local and organic here (Now I really miss Whole Foods in Toronto). Spanky, any tips to share?

      1. Whole foods is getting worse and worse. Sure, their food is "organic", but the very definition of the word has changed from it's original intent.

        I am a member of a CSA and get veggies straight from a farm. I also seek out foods that satisfy my personal definition of "good food". i am trying to get anetwrok going of like-minded people to share our resources...

        1. Some of the CSA's offer a winter basket (read: root cellar). My favourite organic retail shop is Ecollegey on the corner of Wilson & Somerled in NDG (they deliver and you can order from their website) Jeff, the owner, can probably tell you which local farmers supply winter veggies.

          1. Nice - I've been there - That's where I got my organic lenons for my cleanse.
            But it's too far from my place...I will stop by wheneer I'm around there, but not regularly.