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Feb 9, 2007 06:46 AM

Delivery options - Woodside/Sunnyside border

Hello all -
Just moved to Woodside (51st St, north of Queens Blvd) and in the long, slow process of unpacking and setting up kitchen, we are really exhausting the few delivery options we've found in the immediate area. Where do you order from? What do you get? Very excited to start exploring food options in the neighborhood as soon as its warm enough to venture out, but recommendations to save unnecessary walking in these temps are most welcome! Thanks much...

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  1. Wow, 51 Street, north of Q Blvd. I kinda have to answer this given that from what I can tell we're within a block or three of each other (I'm just inside the Sunnyside Gardens border, around the corner from 50th Street).

    Given the great food options in Woodside and the decent ones in Sunnyside, I'd argue the delivery scene is not that hot.

    Would De Mole deliver to you? Probably, though I often carry-out from there and their stuff gets cold quick. Still, the archives here will tell you all you need to know about the place. Absolutely decent Mexican food.

    We're quite near Spicy Mina. I believe they deliver but service there is shaky, so again, I usually go carry out from there...

    Yah Weung is, IMO, the best local Chinese delivery option. Very quick service, and reasonably good food. Nothing special but it will do.

    TJ Asian Bistro pretty much has to be right by you, sort of a new school sushi joint that just opened. While I'm firm in my belief that sushi doesn't travel that well, TJ is promising and they do deliver.

    Sripraphai is legendary; they do not deliver.

    It's clear that diversity of opinion among 'hounds about good pizza makes what I'm about to say perhaps less credible than the rest of it, but: I've given up on ordering pizza in the neighborhood. Too many erratic joints. I drive to Maspeth for Rosa's sfingione or head to LIC for Bella Via or Manetta's when the craving comes.

    Again, there are a ton of great restaurants nearby, especially to the East of you. But the delivery options, they're not so hot... Hopefully some others will have something I'm not thinking of...

    1. I live on 49th Street, between Skillman and 39th and I most frequently order from De Mole and Managal. Many times I call in orders to Sripraphai for pickup (I have a car), especially if it's prime time like Friday or Saturday evening.

      1. I've only been here for a few months myself but I LOVE Mangal and the delivery is great.

        1. Thanks so much...these are going to come in handy especially with the 7 train not servicing our area on the trips to Manhattan for dinner, clearly!

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            Bus it. Q32 takes you to Koreatown.

          2. Another great spot in the vicinity:
            Acasa (48th Street and Skillman) a Romanian Restaurant recently featured in the NYT.

            not a delivery option, but hey, it's pretty darn close and it's cheap.

            If you're strapped for food late-night, head to the 52nd Street - Lincoln Ave Station and look for the Taco Truck. If that's not available, go to Chanita on the corner of 43rd Ave and 52nd's like a diner with Mexican food. It's open pretty late.