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Feb 9, 2007 06:42 AM

Casual Restaurants Newport RI

I am looking for great food at great prices. I need breakfast,lunch & dinner

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  1. Brick Alley Pub is good, casual, consistent food...also Mudville Pub.

    1. I ate at the Salvation Cafe a couple months ago - funky interior, some things are expensive but you can easily have soup or a burger or pizza

      1. Salas' for dinner. Downstairs bar (Tropical) has cheapest beer in Newport. Brick Alley Pub (you can order a salad with your meal and take it to go--what a buy!)

        1. For a casual, family ( I stress FAMILY, not gourmet) style restaurant you might want to check out Rhode Island Quahog Company

          1. Salvation is good... Zelda's has 1/2 price entrees on Monday nights, its a good restaurant. 22 Bowens has a special deal for two on Friday nights - great steaks...Cheap good food is Sapo's Freaky Burrito on Broadway (BYO) No offense, but I would not recommend Salas' for the quality of the food... if its quantity you're after...they serve enormous portions.

            Sunday breakfast at Nori's is fun- great griddle cakes and grits!