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pompano beach and area-fish and good stuff

best fish place and any new places...no buffets or all you can eat...we like places like hong kong city bbc and sunfish grill...(just read some poor reviews about sunfish...haven't been to new location...where is it by the way? )...where is blue moon and is it good?...what about canyon?...thanks for any info

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  1. Blue Moon Fish Company is very good. It's on Commercial on the NE side of the Intracoastal. They have great lunch deals - everything on the menu is 2 for 1. It's on the water, so the atmosphere is very nice.

    Canyon on Sunrise Blvd and Federal Hwy is wonderful too. Gourmet Tex Mex.

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      Sorry OysterHo. Blue Moon has great atmosphere on the water but the food was tastless. Don't know if they even own a salt shaker or pepper mill. The most disappointing restaurant we've tried in our short three months in Fort Lauderdale (via 26 years in Boston area and more in the food capital of North America on a per capita basis, Montreal).

      Sidebar: Sorry to see Wings Over Fort Lauderdale close on Coral Ridge Mall.Great Buffalo Wings...we're now looking for a replacement without having to go to their branch in Davie.

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        couldn't agree with you more re blue moon fish
        very pricey for less than average food - lot of nerve charging $$$$ for just H2O view

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          And they don't allow female servers!!!

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            go figure - considering baron's ex-wife is running the joint - just to keep an eye on the money

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          What about Cafe Maxx on Atlantic and Harbor Drive? Owners Darrell and Oliver (chef) have had a winner there for over 20 years. The food is great and the menu changes nightly. They added a full liquor bar last year in addition to the great wine list. I use to work there and it is a very popular spot with locals and tourists alike.

      2. Bonefish Grill in Pompano on Sample Rd. on the east side of town is pretty good, too. The one in Coral Springs is a bit fancier; the ambiance on the east is almost like a sports bar, but the fish & chips were excellent and I'm going back there for lunch... tomorrow, in fact.

        1. Calypso for fish for sure! Try their Pepper Pot Soup for a Surf and Turf Slurp.

          Other awesome dining choices in Pompano are (in no particular order)

          Philomenas(lunch dinner Fri-Sat) Sicilian
          Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
          Doña Raquels=very authentic Mexican (I tried some mystery meat tacos for the first time today and they were gooooood!)
          La Foccacia Mia=Authentic gourmet Italian style sammies, panzerottis, salads lunch only)
          Adams Subs=Velvet Steam Roller grinder lunch only
          Chez Porky=???
          Del Presta Deli=Italian American Subs (multiple cappicolas)
          Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
          Champs is a decent chain Mega Sports Bar cuisine is americana
          La Fondita=Tacos al Pastor
          Sneaky Pete's=Wacko Buffalo wings and Beef on Wick
          La Granja=Peruvian Pollo

          1. Two sure things. Calypso --best fish in entire area and awsome conch chowder. Also Canyon is fantastic. I take folks from out of town all the time and the always love it.

            1. We like Joe's Riverside Grill in Pompano, on Commercial and the Intracoastal. Delicious seafood and great wine list. Owned by a husband and wife team. Oh, get the mashed potatoes. DH and I still say they're the best we've ever had.

              1. Brother Tuckers on Atlantic just before A1A. Great little beer bar with some stuff you won't find anywhere else down here and the food is pretty good, too. Most of the regular menu is "better" bar food, but the specials board usually includes atleast one fish special, sometimes two. Fantastic soups, too.

                1. sunfish grill better than ever! they tossed out the idiotic, egotistical chef and are doing a flavorful job. Erika, the owner, couldn't be lovlier and is truly eager to provide her diners with a great experience. We ate there Friday night and everything from the apps through dessert were magnificent. She doubles as the pastry chef and makes everything from scratch. The six of us can't wait to return!

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                    I thought that Tony Sindaco was the chef and owner. Has that changed?

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                      Yes but he left recently. Erica was his wife.Haven't been since the change since he was the Chef...

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                        he was the chef - but not the owner

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                          If he was the chef and was married to Erika the owner, doesn't that make him an owner too???

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                            no - never had name on legal entity - her dad did

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                              lvn, you are obviously friends with erika and/or her dad and that is fine. The real question is who is the current chef? Sunfish had a following because of the chef (tony sindaco) and not the "owner" and her daddy

                    2. Here's a thread on Pompano Beach-area eateries from last year: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/446803.

                      netmover already listed several of my favorites (I'm a big Doña Raquel fan) but I'd add Catfish Dewey's in Oakland Park for down-home southern-style food (and lots of fish), and Bangkok Palace in Lauderdale Lakes for the best Thai food in the area.

                      If you like Vietnamese (especially Pho) there's Pho Binh just south of Commercial on Rt 441 and a little further north in Margate is Saigon Cuisine which is our favorite Vietnamese restaurant south of Orlando.