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Feb 9, 2007 06:04 AM

Just OK Montmartre

To avoid some of the traffic going home DH and I dined at Montmartre on Cap Hill last night. The restaurant and staff were pleasant. We started with a couple of nice glasses of cotes du rhone; DH-red, me-white. DH started with the cauliflower saffron cream soup with mussels and I had the potato leek soup special. Both were cream based and OK. Next DH had the stuffed veal breast with chestnut, pencetta, fresh herbs and veal jus and I had the scallops with baby carrots and celery, balsamic reduction. Once again OK but not worth the price. Dessert DH had mixed berry tart and I had the pear tart, nothing to write home about. Overall it was OK but not worth the price.

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    1. Just for context, could you cite a comparable bistro downtown where the food IS worth the price? Because of all the ones I've been to, Montmartre is the only one I'd consider going back to. All the others (Bistro du Coin, Les Halles, Bistro d'Oc) are either too expensive, give lousy service, have mediocre food, or some combination the previous.

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        We have not dined at the other establishments you mentioned so I can not perform a direct compare and contrast. It was based on was how it tasted to us and it was lackluster.

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          Lavandou before it changed ownership and Central right now.

        2. I have never had a meal at Montmartre that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. The prices are excellent for the consistently high quality of the food and service. None of the many guests I've ever entertained there has ever failed to compliment it way beyond mere courtesy and Montmartre gets frequent high marks on CHowhound and from local food critics.
          Perhaps the reaction of the OP and others is due to nothing more than a difference in taste and style.
          There are many restaurants regularly acclaimed on the Washington board that frankly leave me cold. I'd rather sit home with a good book and grilled cheese. The only thing that saved them for me was enjoying my dinner companions but I wouldn't choose to eat there again. Not that there was a thing wrong with them and many were excellent versions of the genre. They were fine. OK. But I'don't say, Gee, let's go out and get some (fill in the blank with type of food) or go to (that place) especially if I have to drive 45 minutes on a Tuesday night.
          I understand why other people love them. I read their comments and appreciate their devotion to their favorite places. But since they're not "my kind of food or style," I see no reason to rain on their parade.