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Cheap Eats on a Friday Night

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Anyone know of a good, cheap place (no carts!) for my boyfriend and I to grab some dinner in the city tonight? We're headed downtown for the auto show, but RTM will probably be closed by the time we get in.

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  1. You're right next to Chinatown, and there are some really cheap options there. Lakeside Deli?

    1. Oh yes. Lakeside is very inexpensive and has great food. Definitely not a romantic atmosphere place, but I love it there. I think that It's 8th street.

      Their dim sum is wonderful. Some recommended dishes:1/4 roasted duck, meat and peanut dumplings, cold sesame noodles, stuffed eggplant, chinese brocolli, pak choy w/garlic & vegetable dumplings. I don't like their soup broth, but a place can't be perfect.

      We usually eat there for about $12 for 2 people and are stuffed. There is a nice bakery across the street that has good pastries for about 60 cents each. The moon cakes are very sweet and I love the honeydew melon flavor.

      If you eat there, please report back!

      1. I'm not sure how late KCs pastries is open, but you can make a great and filling meal out of two of their pastries (one savory, one sweet) for less than $2 that you can nibble on while walking around Chinatown. Thank you.