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Feb 9, 2007 05:12 AM

Teahouses in Philadelphia?

My partner and I will be visiting Philadelphia for the King Tut exhibition. We want to warm up ourselves with a pot of tea before going to Franklin Institute Science Museum. Is there a good teahouse nearby? In Rittenhouse Square area? Reading Terminal Market? Center City? Thanks.

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  1. Rittenhouse Square area - there are two.
    Steap and Remedy Tea.

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      Also Great Tea International on Sansom Street, a very cozy little Chinese tea house. Thank you.

    2. Darling's Cafe, located on 21st Street a few doors north of the Please Touch Museum, is nearby. They are a coffeehouse/cafe; I don't know how extensive their tea offerings are.

      1. Darling's is on 20th btwn Pine and Lombard.

        1. Great Tea International, in the Rittenhouse area, is a very unique, authentic, and calming tea house - when I 've gone there, it's felt like a small little oasis in the midst of the urban bustling. Steap isn't so good for sitting. Remedy is ok but I find it to be more like a tea version of Starbucks, good when I have work to do but not cozy at all.

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            I know these threads are old, but just in case anyone is going back for references, Great Tea Int'l is closed. I liked it a lot better than the other place on Sansom, although that place is good for working. (I also like their laptops are fine, but you can't plug them in system).

          2. There's Bubblehouse, which serves great Bubble Tea in addition to regular tea. They also serve great thai/asian dishes.

            Then there's the Random tea Room and Curiosity Shop -

            I think there are some other great places to get tea in Chinatown...

            Oh...and here's a good link to tea-related places in philly...