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Feb 9, 2007 05:06 AM

Anyone know where to get fresh, raw nuts in Center City

I'm looking to get a variety of fresh nuts and maybe seeds, preferably ready-shelled nuts. Does anyone have suggestions in Philly?

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  1. Trader Joe's sells nuts, though I'm not sure how "fresh" they are - but they are definitely reasonably priced. There's also a place called "Nuts to You" on 20th btwn Chestnut and Market.

    1. Nuts to You is also on Bustleton Ave in the far Northeast. They have a wide selection.

      1. There's also a Nuts to You around 7th and Walnut.
        Sue's Produce has a nice selection of nuts and seeds.
        Whole Foods has a lot in their bulk section, which is perfect if you only need small amounts (like if you are making granola). Thank you.

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          And another Nuts to You on 20th between Market and Chestnut.

        2. Nuts to You has it's own website with locations. http://www.nuts-to-you.com Iovine's Produce in Reading Terminal Market also has a lot of nuts too.

          1. Try Wricley Nut Products Co. in the food distribution center on 4th & Pattison Avenue. A little out of the way, but buying direct makes equals really great prices. My grandfather goes faithfully for Christmas every year for pistachios and chestnuts. 215-467-1106