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Feb 9, 2007 04:41 AM

Quick dinner options near Manulife Centre

Going to a film near the Manulife Centre next week, and hoped people might have suggestions for a quick, halfway decent dinner nearabouts. Will be going there by subway, so something a subway stops or so away should be ok. Early dinner as the film is at 7. Not too pricey. The only thing I've found suggested on the Board so far is the Bloor St Diner - where I have never been.

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  1. Bloor Street Diner is actually a surprisingly decent option. And I like it for pre-film eating because you can get a ticket in advance and then not worry about rushing out or standing in line later. I like sitting in the room overlooking Bay near the bar (main room seems too stuffy).

    Also in that neighbourhood - Wish is cute.

    1. What about 7 West (upstairs at 7 Charles St. W.)? Nothing fancy but very handy to the theatre. There is also the Coffee Mill on Yorkville if you want to walk a bit. There is a hungarian slant to the menu and they make an amazing Goulash for these cold nights - its a meal in itself.

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        Ahh the Coffee Mill...unless you are part of the senior set, I wouldn't recommend it as a place to go before a movie. The food is OK (somewhat reminds me of home cooked meals shared with Hungarian friends), but the waitstaff is genuine and the history of the place is very interesting. I like to go there with my Hungarian friends ('cause besides English you'll hear lots of Hungarian) and I feel like I'm in Budapest for a day.

      2. The last time that I was at the Bloor Street Diner, they had a special going on where if you were planning on catching a movie at the Varsity, they have a movie ticket and a meal combo deal whereby you get a break on your ticket price. It was about 2 months ago so it may no longer be in effect.

        1. Scaccia, directly under the theatres in Manulife is good. Pasta's are good, chicken strachatella (sp?) is good, the meatball subs are great, the tiramasu is great (if you like a lot of espresso in yours). Dinner w/o wine for about $40 for two.

          If it's just you, Best value for money is to get the meatball sub with peppers & mushrooms and a soup from Scaccia's takeaway counter amd eat it at the tables in the courtyard provided -- it'll run you under $15 and it'll be great food.

          Nearby on Yonge St. just south of Charles is Natural Sushi -- where you can eat well for under $30 for two. The $10 maki set is great value, as as are the 'cash-only' specials like a 'spicy tuna roll and two salmon sushi pieces for $4.99". Personally, I really like the sushi there.

          Across Yonge St on Charles is Wish -- intimate and romantic.

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            Natural Sushi looked really run down last time I was there and the teriyaki chicken was terrible (cheap meat). Masa, on Charles east of Yonge (in the hotel) is much better. Also a lot of Asian choices, like Saigon Sister, Spring Rolls, Green Mango - all not very authentic but more "hip". Ginger is authentic Vietnamese but is a fast food place. All on Yonge, between Bloor and Charles.

            I would also have suggested Okonomi on Charles west of Yonge, for their Japanese pancakes, if you weren't going to a movie right after. People sitting next to you would not thank you for bring cooking smells into the theatre!

            Is that diner at Bloor and Bellair still there?

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              ahh, I never eat the teriyaki there (or many places, frankly).