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Feb 9, 2007 04:29 AM

Vietnamese Ingredients in Brooklyn

I'm playing hooky today and have decided to cook some Vietnamese food.

Now, I know where to get the Ingredients I need in Manhattan but since it's bitterly cold out, I thought I might get the ingredients in Brooklyn.

I know there's a large Asian market on 86th and 25th Avenue - have any of you guys spied ingredients like Ngo Om (Vietnamese herbs) and other Vietnamese herbs? Alternatively, I could also go to the Brooklyn Chinatown as well. It's just that it's so darn cold out!

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    I dont like that market on 86th St. Its been particularly stinky when Ive been in. They may have what you are looking for though..
    Hong Kong Supermarket in the link above does have vietnamese herbs as indicated. stock varies from time to time. Pls report back on what you find.

    1. Hong Kong Market had holy basil, rau ram and cilantro last week . . .

      1. I ended up in Brooklyn Chinatown after a trip to the Chinese supermarket on 25th Ave/86th Street proved fruitless.

        The Hong Kong Supermarket had holy basil and culantro but they didn't look great. So, I went to almost every single market along 8th Avenue until I hit paydirt. Lien Hung - 5705 8th Avenue had basil, rau ram, ngo om, and dap ca. The ngo om is usually quiet difficult to find but was exactly what I needed to make canh chua.

        I have to say though, that both the Hong Kong Supermarket and the big market on 25th Ave/86th Street have quite the selection of frozen Vietnamese products.

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          thats great - there used to be a small greengrocer right around that block that sold vietnamese stuff but it closed a 2-3 years ago and I was at a loss - glad that someone is doing it again.

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            I think it's strange that in a city as large as New York, there is not a larger concentrated population of Vietnamese people. My mother (living in rural CT) can go up to Hartford and get all the Vietnamese ingredients she wants and then some.

            I forgot to mention - Thanh Da off of 8th Ave and 56th had banh chung in honor of New Year's .