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Feb 9, 2007 01:29 AM

ISO best turkey or vegetarian meatloaf recipes

I am off beef and pork for the forseeable future and would love some really great ground turkey or vegetarian meatloaf recipes. Any starch in the loaves need to be whole grain; no corn, either. (*sigh*) Hoping to find something tasty!! Thanks...

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  1. I don't do anything different when making turkey meatloaf vs. beef/veal/pork so any recipe for those should do. There was a great meatloaf thread a while back with a ton of recipes. One caveat - if you use the extra lean, all white meat turkey, add some additional moisture to make up for the lack of fat. I always use a lot of veggies in mine - onion, celery, carrot, mushrooms, peppers - whatever takes me that day or is in the house which adds good moisture. As for whole grain starch, I'd say just make some breadcrumbs out of whole grain bread to substitute for whatever other bread is in any of the recipes and... voila. I don't know if that helps you and I can't be of any assistance with a veggie version

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      I tried this the other day (using a regular meatloaf recipe instead of a special 'turkey' recipe). I used Paul Prudhomme's meatloaf as inspiration and it turned out pretty well -- next time I'll definitely add another egg, though, since I did use extra lean turkey and it was a little dry.

      The big changes I made were adding a cup of chopped carrot and mushrooms to the other veggies, using a teaspoon of olive oil instead of the four tablespoons of butter, and using one pound turkey, one pound chicken instead of beef and pork. Oh, and I had no ketchup, so I used Stubbs BBQ sauce instead. And no cayenne (couldn't find it, anyway) so I used three teaspoons Northwoods Fire and a couple of bay leaves in place of the other spices.

      Definitely cook it for a shorter time than originally given (I used the cook times from the Epicurious turkey meatloaf and it was still somewhat dry; could have gotten away with at least twenty minutes less).

      It absolutely did not taste like either meatloaf or diet food; it was just a really nice, delicious way to enjoy ground turkey and chicken.

    2. I use a cup of oatmeal as a binder... it works great and is delicious. A great tip from my Grandmother....

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        yes, oatmeal in a meatloaf...great spongy texture

        use instant oatmeal

      2. I really like the turkey meatloaf from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. It is currently on the Food Network website as well.

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          I second the rec for Ina's turkey meatloaf. It's sensational.

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            I'll third Barefoot Contessa's turkey meatloaf. It's tastes amazing and it seems impossible to screw up the recipe (my husband tends to add double the amount of Worcestershire sauce that's called for). It's here: until whenever...

        2. I feel like I'm shilling for this epicurious recipe, but it really is delicious. I usually up the amount of mushrooms and other veggies a bit. And I use whole wheat bread for the crumbs.

          I also usually use beef and pork, but it is delicious with just turkey.

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            The Epicurious Turkey Meatloaf Recipe posted by Toronto Jo is terriffic. I use Ground Turkey Breast for this recipe and it turns out great -- I increase the amount of liquids (i.e. ketchup, milk) so the meatloaf stays moist..

          2. That really does sound good. I like the roasted red pepper tomato sauce recipe it comes with, too. I'll give this a try soon.