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Feb 8, 2007 10:49 PM

Greek loukoumades in Montreal

Is their anyplace in Montreal that makes the Greek deep-fried loukoumades doughuts? Tasted loukoumades several years ago but don't know of anyplace here that makes it regularly(or even as an off-the-menu item). Although I might of seen it served at Rottiserie Panama(might be thinking of another Greek dessert served there).

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  1. They serve them at Lesvos (on Decarie near Monkland), with honey and goat yogurt. Amazing.

    1. Yes, Panama serves them, as does Symposium and Orama (sp? New place on Parc just south of Jean Talon). Café Remezzo Zorba next to Rialto should still serve them too, I haven't been there in a few years but I'm sure they still do. If you want just coffee and dessert this would be the place to go. Oh yeah, my mother serves them too. loll....Ran over to her place a couple of weeks ago when she told me she was making them.

      1. Add Philinos to the list.

        1. Thanks for the responses. Now I have several options in Montreal for my loukoumades fix.

          1. zorba's remezzo on park avenue in montreal serves the best loukoumades, greek coffee & greek mountain tea