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Feb 8, 2007 10:17 PM

Kimbap/Gimbap in the East Bay/SF?

I'm looking for kimbap (Korean-style sushi) in the East Bay or SF. I know of a number of Korean-owned sushi joints, but none of them serve kimbap to my knowledge. The only place I know of that has it is the Koreana Market in Oakland.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. try MiYozen in Emeryville. It's new. Owned by same people that run Koryo and Drunken Fish. Corner of 40th and San Pablo

    1. Kuk-je in Daly City, just south of John Daly Blvd. should have some. When they were at their previous location, I was able order them for catering purposes.

      1. Google Koryo Charcoal BBQ, somewhere in Berkeley/Oakland

        1. So I tried out Miyozen in Emeryville recently. They only had one type of Korean sushi--a short rib roll. Pretty good but not amazing. They also had a vegetable roll that was similar to what I've had from Koreana Plaza, but more Japanese in style.

          However, they do have an item that isn't listed on the menu that was of great interest to me. Hwe dup bap (sp?)--basically a green salad covering a bowl of rice with a large helping of sashimi and a raw egg on top. One mixes it with a spicy sauce that is similar to bi bim bap sauce. It was amazing, and we strongly encouraged them to include it on future menus.

          As far as I know Koryo BBQ doesn't have sushi. Koryo sushi didn't have Korean sushi the last time I checked.

          1. Drunken Fish is, to my understanding, owned by Koreans. They make a short-rib roll. It's too gourmet to stand up to the wonderfully cheap stuff at Koreana, though.