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Green restaurants in TO?

Are there any "green" or environmentally conscious/friendly restaurants in Toronto?

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  1. In this week's Now Magazine there's a list of restaurants that use environmentally friendly take-out containers. Can't remember them all but Fresh, By the Way Cafe and Utopia were on there.

    1. Live at Dupont and Spadina is definitely very organic and eco-conscious in their cooking. I imagine they're also very conscious in their practices.

      I would expect similar things of Fressen on Queen West. And I'd second Fresh as a great place to eat.

      1. I'm wondering about Cafe Vert on Queen Street east. Haven't been there, but I think they might be considered green (beyond their name, that is).

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          Yes, I was going to say Cafe Vert. I was reading about it in one of those nutritional magazines. I think they are organic, enviro conscious etc. (and supposed to be very good, but very small so not a place to go with a large crowd).

        2. great thanks! I wonder if they source there ingredients locally?

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          1. I highly reccomend Camros Organic Eatery at 25 Hayden, just south of Bloor and just east of Yonge.

            I've been twice now - it has been delicious on both occasions. It's small but pleasant. Nobody's rushing, and they will gladly take the time to answer any questions you have about the food or the preparation. They also use biodegradable take-out containers and utensils.


            1. Pulp Kitchen - mostly vegan fare and fantastic and this coming from a stridant omnivour! I had an omlette with cheese (cheese not real - I couldn't tell!!!!), baked beans, a green salad and perhaps the best cup of organic fair trade coffee I have ever had. Staff are fun, place is quirky and moves fast but I never felt rushed.

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                Re Pulp Kitchen, I'm wondering if the restaurant might have changed hands recently. I've been there a few times for lunch, and usually order the portobello mushroom sandwich, which is great. I returned last week and decided to try something else. I ordered the Thai veggies with noodles, and what I got was noodles with a few veggies mixed in. And quite a small portion. My friend's salad was a composed salad (in a bowl; very difficult to eat) comprised of the most basic of ingredients, something this cooking-challenged friend felt she could have put together better herself.

                The table next to us inquired about dessert, and were told the only offering was banana bread. This was on a Thursday, the place was full, and they had no dessert offerings other than banana bread?

                The coffee is great, by the way.

              2. I hope Pulp Kitchen hasn't changed too much. I did hear that it changed management a few months ago. I have been there since for spiralina smoothie which was fantastic, but I haven't eaten in since they changed mngt. They are one of my faves, so I hope things are still very good. They do have great coffee. I love their lattes.