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Feb 8, 2007 07:31 PM

Where can I buy Vietnamese Nep Moi?

Anyone ever seen a Vietnamese rice liquor called Nep Moi in Toronto? It's got a great hazelnutty flavour that I'm told comes from the new rice. I have only 1/2 of the bottle left I brought home with me from Vietnam. Tet is just around the corner so I need some more!
There's a picture at this site:

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  1. I'd give one of the T & T Supermarkets a call. They're probably your best bet.

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      its a form of vodka. here in ONTARIO we can only get such products at the lcbo. if they do not carry it they can special order it for you. they would be your best bet.


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        Oops! I assumed that it was similar to Chinese rice wine.

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          The LCBO is not going to order any product that they don't already have listed. An LCBO store that does not have a particlular product on their shelves will order it in if it is listed by the LCBO and can be ordered from the warehouse. There is no Vodka from Vietnam available. You can easily determine this by going to

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            actually they have a special form that you can fill out. they will contact the distillery (or brewery) and import it for you. the only problem is there is likely a minimum order. i tried this once for an american beer (not listed) and there was a minimum 4 cases at like $76/case.