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Feb 8, 2007 07:03 PM

Really Romantic Rest. with good food in LA

Hi guys,

I need to take the girl out to a great restaurant. We are pretty adventurous and are avid sushi eaters. I need recommendations for a great restaurant (food wise) that has a lot of ambiance. I don't mean old school ambiance, but really cool ambiance. Also, I'm over those hollywood places where the ambiance is crap becuase they are so busy and the food, marginal at best. Can you help? I was thinking Nobu in Malibu, any other places in Malibu, pacific palisades or in Hollywood. Need a great place.

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  1. if you do nobu malibu (and i do enjoy it, although others on here don't) then be sure to sit on the patio where it is quieter and dimmer but still fairly warm (lots of heaters)

    1. I have always enjoyed Geoffrey's in Malibu for a romantic ocean view.

      1. I had a romantic dinner at Josie some time ago. Most on this board would recommend it, I think. It's small, dark, cushy seating, was quiet the night I went. Food was quite good. The seppia with lentils was excellent.

        Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time with having a romantic dinner at sushi bars? I'm probably way too in my head, but I get distracted at sushi bars. I stare constantly at what the chef is doing and have a hard time holding a conversation. I'm not sure I'd ever want to sit at a table for sushi...I find service is much better at the bar. The bright lights, stark surroundings don't generally illicit romantic feelings for me...

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          Second Josie's. A great night -- food was excellent. Atmosphere was perfect.

        2. Two ideas: One, eat at Via Veneto on Main street. The atmosphere is super romantic and the food is amazing. Not cheap but worth every dime, imho. Another is providence where the focus is seafood, cooked and raw. It is a bit of a foodie thing but it is among the best in Los Angeles. (the atmosphere is suepr romantic). Bonus: ortolan.

          1. Romantic and Sushi don't really go together but:

            Try the Hump at Santa Monica airport - good sushi while watching the planes take off and land. It is definitely interesting.

            Also, Katsuya in Brentwood is , ahem, interesting as well.

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              katsu-ya is far from romantic. unless you consider a drunken meat market romantic. =)

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                Went to the Hump a while ago. Top notch. Interesting atmosphere.