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Feb 8, 2007 06:55 PM

LES Bars Open on Saturday Afternoon?

I'm looking for a cozy bar on the Lower East Side that's open say about 3:30 PM this Saturday. Most of the restaurants seem to be closed then. Just want drinks and maybe some appetizers. Could be a bar or restaurant but good for two couples to chill and talk -- doesn't matter if it's expensive, prefer a nice atmosphere. I found one: Cafe Charbon, but any advice appreciated.

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  1. How about 'inoteca? I can't imagine it will be very crowded at that hour and they have a very good selection of small plates.

    1. If Prune isn't crowded at that hour (call and ask) it sounds like what you want.

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        Prune closes for brunch at 3:30, sorry!

      2. Schiller's would suit...and it's the best time to go there...when it's not crowded.

        1. MAX of the coolest, no-frills bars on the LES. Good, cheap strong drinks. Opens at 4pm. Located on Ludlow, just South of Houston (a few doors down from Katz's Deli). However, no food there...but there are tons of options to get something to eat near there.

          1. loreley on rivington between essex and bowery. the pretzels are steller. its pretty quiet in the afternoons.