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Going to Maui and looking for dinner in Wailea


Husband and I are going to Maui (haven't been in 4 years!!!) and are looking for ideas in Wailea (please don't say Nicks!)... Any recommendations? We'll be there the last week of March.


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  1. spago is probably the best there

    1. I like Longhi's for some casual dining. They do a verbal menu however which can be very confusing if you don't have an idea of what you want. It is good however. Have a great trip. It's located in The Shops at Wailea, 3750 Wailea Ala Nui. Link posted below


      1. If you are willing to drive, go to Haliimaile. It was amazing. We got there at 11 for lunch and within 20 minutes the place was full.

        1. Thanks everyone! Been to all of the recommended (and will most likely go back)... still looking for the "find"... the little place you wouldn't know about unless you either lived there or met someone cool enough to share the secret!

          1. We loved Sarento's on the Beach (Wailea/Kihei). Great food, beautiful view. The staff was a little "too" attentive bordering on intrusive but we enjoyed it nonetheless. We stayed at the Fairmont and dined at Nick's as well. ugh, though we were entertained by a tablecloth catching on fire (it was windy)! btw, this was in 2005, so a lot may have changed. Enjoy your visit!

            1. Was just at Humuhumunukunukuapua'a at the Grand Wailea - it's a neat place. The ahi traps for appetizers are wonderful. It's a great place for the sunset and it's fun to walk around the grounds of the resort before and after your meal. In Wailea for breakfast - Seawatch at the Wailea Gold Golf Club shouldn't be missed.

              1. I know its not in Wailea, but Mama's fish house in Piai was a great find for us. every thing about it was special.

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                1. Another rock solid place to get a great fish preperations, although not very romantic is Maalaea Waterfront. They know how to do seafood. again not in Wailea but not too far away.

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                    The Waterfront is excellent and much more romantic than many places - more romantic than crowded Mama's.

                  2. Yes, by all means go to the Waterfront!

                    1. I've said it before and I'll stick with it go to Spago and tell them
                      you want Cameron to cook just for you! You won't be dissapointed
                      I guarantee you. Maybe even if you're lucky you can have Lacey
                      be your server.

                      1. We're at the Grand Wailea now. Haven't gone to Humuhumu (see TMWeddlle reply above) but we did eat at Kimcha, the sushi restaurant and enjoyed the sashimi and sushi. Fresh. One downside was that the place was like a refrigerator. Apparently is always over airconditioned, so they offer happy coats to anyone who asks to help ward off the cold. (And we did Mama's Fish House today; had a great meal but it's really hard to define as in Wailea, since it's at least 30 and more likely a 45 minute drive.)

                        1. I really liked Kimcha when we've eaten there and you are right, it is cold! I actually had a
                          bad cold when we ate there once and they babied the heck out of me with the happy coat,
                          special tea and specially made miso soup. The architectural history of the building parts
                          and construction is quite interesting as well. I thought their food terrific!

                          1. Just had dinner at HumuHumu at Grand Wailea. Completely unimpressed. Really poor service: Took 10 minutes to seat us in an empty part of the restaurant. Delivered the wrong dishes on the first try. Waiter showed up every 15 minutes or so, apparently on his own schedule rather than ours. One of those menus that tries to dress up what it really is, like calling Surf & Turf "Spiny Lobster and Mahi Mahi". After a fabulous dinner at Spago at Four Season (right next door) last night, HumuHumu didn't make the cut.

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                              Do tell us about your meal at Spago! Too bad about your exp. at HumuHumu all of the
                              times I've stayed at the Grand Wailea I've never eaten there, this helps decide for
                              next time as well!

                            2. Agree with Spago at the four Seasons for higher end dining and Longhi's at the Shops of Wailea for casual fare.