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Feb 8, 2007 06:51 PM

El Jacalo - anyone tried it?? (bloor, just east of dufferin)

I've seen this Mexican place and I think its new. it is located on Bloor, just east of Dufferin.

It is not a restaurant and its a small place, so they may only do takeout. They advertise that they do catering as well.

Has anyone tried this place??

Thanks :)

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  1. I had been to the old El Jacalito in Royal York Plaza and it was great! They had a Mexican buffet and a show for a reasonable price. The food was authentic and they also did take out.. the pork burrito was my mom's favorite! It sounds like this new place may not put on a show but the food is certainly worth a try!

    1. We went to El Jacal before Christmas sometime. It is indeed a restaurant, and larger than you might imagine. The service was friendly, the portions were ample, but we found it all a bit underpowered. Or maybe they toned it down for us, thinking we couldn't stand the heat? Our favourite was the carnitas tacos. They also, I remember, sell carnitas by the kilo – which is dangerous information...

      1. They have a website with the menu:

        It definitely looks like it's worth a shot. Cochinita pibil, carnitas by the kilo, barbacoa on Sundays, huevos revueltos and ahogados for breakfast - I haven't seen some of these things elsewhere in TO.

        1. Had the lunch buffet today. It was decent, not outstanding, but then again I was definitely at the tail end of lunch time. The nice thing was they brought four hot, fresh tortillas to go with the meal and the whole thing including a pop (and tax) was 8 bucks.

          Next time I'll try something off the menu, it looks great. Very friendly, and as someone else noted, much bigger than you'd expect. Hooray for a nearby Mexican restaurant!

          Just to clarify, it's El Jacal, not El Jacalo.

          1. We were there on a Sunday recently. We are going back soon for the kilo of barbacoa (we had a smaller serving which was the best of what we had, though other selections were also good). Friendly service, somewhat amateur but not overwhelmingly so, fairly diverse menu. They warned us about the salsa rojo, about how it was "really spicy", but it wasn't, so you need to convince them that you can handle it (if you don't look like you can, as I suppose we didn't). Anyway, I would recommend it -- I don't know of a better choice for Mexican in Toronto. --PR