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Feb 8, 2007 06:40 PM

Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)--metro Detroit?

Hi Motown 'hounds--There was an article on the NY Times website today about the growing popularity of Korean-style fried chicken in the area. Fried chicken, which seems so American, is popular all over east Asia, with each culture having its own spin on the dish. But I've never had the Korean variant, and they made it sound pretty good. Anyone know where in the metro area I can score some?

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  1. If you ever find a place in this area that has Korean fried chicken, I'd love to hear about it! If you ever get to the Chicago area, I highly recommend Cheo Ga Jip in Niles, IL. Their Korean fried chicken, Korean pizza, and pitchers of Korean beer are awesome. In the city, there is a fusion fast food restaurant on Broadway called Crisp. They have Korean fried chicken and bulgogi burritos! If you're interested in Korean food, language, music, movies, dramas, martial arts, anime, history, etc., please feel free to join the Metro Detroit Korean Language & Culture Meetup Group through We haven't found Korean fried chicken in Metro Detroit yet, but we have all sorts of other fun Korean dinners and events!

    1. Kaya in Ypsi, before it closed, used to carry two types. One was served plain with a coarse salt to dip it in and the other was served dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce. They were served with pickled radish and a cabbage salad. Unfortunately , I don't know of any other Korean places serving it. The closest you'll get is Kampongi at some places, but those are just the wings and the sauce is different from what is usually served with the whole chicken pieces.